As we launch into the second half of the calendar year there is so much to reflect upon. Whilst there have been many challenges, I am personally so inspired by the way our communities have been drawn together. Our philanthropy community is no different.

As part of the Charities Aid Foundation Global Alliance, Good2Give has been in very close connection with our alliance partners across the globe, and last month the CAF Global Alliance conference was held online. Top of the agenda was the impact of COVID-19 globally. Comparing Government responses, how communities have responded to the pandemic, the vital role that the CAF Global Aliance partners play in facilitating giving, and the impact on charitable organisations globally, was insightful and heartbreaking. Certainly, feeling as safe as we do in Australia and New Zealand, is something I know we are all so grateful for.

Knowing many charitable organisations are under extreme pressure due to the pandemic, Good2Give and our alliance partners launched a global study to gain a greater understanding of the impact of COVID-19 on the not-for-profit sector. Worryingly, the statistics are consistent in all countries that took part, approximately 30 per cent of charities do not think they’ll survive the next 6 months, and 50 per cent do not expect to last a year. This is a time for continued support and innovation.

Seeing the global support during the bushfire crisis was a humbling experience I’ve mentioned before in our newsletter and also in the interview in the recent CAF America podcast. Good2Give facilitated the movement of over $8M to bushfire related charities with 30 per cent of those donations coming from CAF America donors. Our alliance with CAF America delivers an Expedited Giving Program so donations to Australian charities from the USA can be made efficiently, saving US donors and local charities significant time and cost. If you are working in a global corporation with offices in the USA, please contact us.

We will be launching an innovation of our own next week – our partnership with Communiteer brings fully integrated volunteering into the Good2Give Workplace Giving platform. Due to current COVID-19 guidelines virtual volunteering is our main focus, so I encourage companies and charities to embrace virtual volunteering.  Whether you’re doing skilled or unskilled work, there are so many ways we can all support charities through this difficult time. We will be hosting a live demonstration of Good2Give’s Volunteering solution in the next couple of weeks. Look out for your invitation.

As you can tell Good2Give’s been super busy during COVID. We’ve developed a technology solution to a once tiresome process. Our Gift Matching service minimises the administration process involved when matching employee donations not made through the Good2Give Workplace Giving Platform. Employees will be able to upload their donation receipts into the Platform to receive seamless matched donations, so that means there’s no admin for CSR Managers! Plus all reporting centralised. Too easy! Please contact us if you’d like to know more.

Bringing new ideas and thinking into our work is always invigorating.  I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with our partner, London Benchmarking Group, over the past few months on a series of webinars. We’ve had the opportunity to learn about best practice initiatives from companies who have proactively created programs to address areas of need within their own organisations and the community. They’ve taken on a position of leadership and adapted to challenging times. The way they have found tangible ways to demonstrate their core values through active corporate social responsibility is a valuable, and meaningful, example of how we are all capable of making Australia a more giving society. Do have a listen if you’ve not had the chance.​

Lisa Grinham

Chief Executive Officer