How to create a positive opportunity out of a crisis

Watch our four webinars to learn how to turn a negative situation into a positive opportunity to reset your organisation’s values.

Our society has changed dramatically in the past few months. As individuals adjust to “the new normal” of constant hand washing and social distancing, many companies are looking at COVID-19 as an opportunity for change. Good2Give partnered with LBG to deliver a series of webinars on how organisations can turn a negative situation into a positive opportunity to reset values and reimagine their purpose.

Consumers have noticed the effort companies made to support the community, especially in the supermarket and pharmaceutical industries. The webinars described the organisational characteristics people look for in a time of crisis as leadership and a sense of purpose. Companies that took on a position of leadership and have proactive CSR strategies are being noticed. Businesses are spending this time clarifying their organisational values and building plans to achieve their CSR goals. Going back to normal could be seen as going backwards.

The webinars went into detail on best practice companies such as Stockland, Facebook, ACCOR, Microsoft and Johnson & Johnson. These companies proactively provided aid to a number of different stakeholders. It is important to recognise that while everyone is dealing with the same disaster, we are not all in the same situation. By reaching out to your stakeholders, you will find out which ones are thriving, and which ones are struggling to survive in the current situation. Maintaining your CSR budget, putting together charity grants programs and volunteering can really help those stakeholders in need.

Being an effective leader is recognising that your leadership style needs to adapt to the current situation. Many employees may be feeling a lack of social connectedness and purpose while working from home. The webinars discussed the importance of reminding employees of their value to the organisation and the different ways they can give back to the community. Promoting your Workplace Giving Program will help employees to feel a greater sense of purpose to their work and connection to the community. The webinar series went into detail on how to effectively manage yourself, teams and organisation through the crisis. I do urge our corporate clients to watch these webinars as all change, no matter if it is good or bad, brings with it the need to adapt.

Watch the webinars: