Türkiye and Syria earthquakes – How to help

Last updated 8:20am 21/2/2023

What we know

On February 6 2023 a strong, 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck North-West Syria and Southern Turkey in the early pre-dawn, followed by aftershocks and reports of a second 7.5 magnitude quake at around 1:30pm. Two weeks later, on February 20, two more 6.4 and 5.8 magnitude earthquakes struck Turkey again.

At the time of writing there are over 46,000 confirmed deaths. Buildings have collapsed and reports indicate thousands being trapped in rubble and tens of thousands injured.

Thousands of buildings have been impacted, including many multi-story apartment blocks leaving not only the dead and wounded but thousands more homeless.

Compounding this disaster is severe weather, with the winter bringing freezing temperatures and the vast number of people in the area already displaced by the decade-long conflict in Syria.

How to help


Companies can utilise existing workplace giving mechanisms to promote and facilitate donations to charities in Australia that are able to provide international aid:

Charities providing international disaster relief support

This list is being updated live as more charities mobilise support

Charities can set up a special project for their disaster appeal on the Good2Give platform, please contact: charity@good2give.ngo to speak with our support team.

I am an employee/donor

Follow these simple steps:

  1. Sign in to the Good2Give Workplace Giving Platform
  2. Check if your company has set up a charity appeal and make a donation
  3. If you can’t see a charity appeal, click on the Charities tab
  4. In the search bar enter TurkeySyriaQuake23
  5. Choose a charity (or charities) and donate

I own ASX listed shares that I would like to donate

  1. Visit the ShareGIft Australia website
  2. Download a donation form
  3. Complete the donation form
  4. Print, then sign and date the form and scan it to info@sharegiftaustralia.org.au
  5. If your donation is valued at over $500 consider nominating one of the charities, supporting relief efforts

Please check regularly for live updates on the charities supporting this disaster relief effort and learn more about the services that can help you raise funds.