Why are we here?

Businesses around the world are increasingly being called upon to go above and beyond their commercial objectives and to create a positive social and environmental impact. This expectation is being driven by current and prospective employees, customers and clients, partners and investors, and communities. Demonstrated community investment influences choices on where people work, shop, what they purchase, where they invest and the opinions they value.

The future of our workforce is driven by technology and values in equal measure, while charities and community organisations are facing unprecedented pressure to do more with less and maintain high standards of service, program delivery, research, advocacy and aid to the people and places who need it the most.

We know charities face the challenge of finding the most innovative, cost-effective and efficient ways to attract funding and donations, and to connect with their supporters. Technology is the key for organisations with a social and environmental mission to increase their reach and financial capacity to scale.

That is why Good2Give are the leading experts in corporate community investment – because this is a way for businesses and charities to achieve mutually beneficial goals and create a positive impact. Since 2000, we have worked in partnership with businesses and charities to make giving smarter, easier and more effective. We have distributed more than $200 million to 6,000 Australian and international communities since 2000, and we have worked with over 150 companies in Australia and New Zealand who are committed to making the world a better place, and enabling their employees to support their charities of choice. We believe that when people with purpose from businesses in all industries, charities, and the community work together – everything is possible.

“We know businesses have the power and generosity to make positive social and environmental progress that creates opportunities, health and happiness, knowledge and connection for communities in Australia and New Zealand – and around the world – for generations to come.”

– Lisa Grinham, CEO, Good2Give.

How we work with Business

Businesses continue to demonstrate that they can make valuable contributions to the communities in which they work, and their employees lives. Good2Give helps our business clients maximise the impact and benefits of charitable giving through effective technology solutions, as well as expert advice on community investment strategies, including workplace giving, grants programs, corporate foundations and sustainable charity partnerships.

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How we work with Charities

Good2Give is significantly growing giving and increasing the volume of low-cost donations from the business community to charitable organisations. As a not-for-profit ourselves, we believe in strengthening the charitable sector by offering low-cost funding models such as workplace giving. Good2Give’s Workplace Giving Platform makes it easy for charities to receive and report on workplace giving donations.

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Why Give?

As an individual, giving makes us feel good. A number of studies have found that the very act of giving builds one’s sense of belonging, meaning and helps grow wider generosity in our society. Company boards and management teams know that investing in communities is virtually a licence to operate. With more than 15 years of helping businesses and donors give effectively in Australia and New Zealand, Good2Give has earned the trust of donors, businesses and charities alike.

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