Can charities survive the crisis?

As the COVID-19 pandemic in Australia and New Zealand reaches a more manageable level, the messaging has evolved to a more positive yet still cautious one; ‘this is not over – keep going’. The same is true of the resulting financial crisis and its impending escalation. Good2Give is currently conducting research with its global network to understand this impact on the charitable sector. The research provides a stark insight – 52% of charities surveyed do not expect to survive the next 12 months without continued or enhanced financial aid. Just over 25% of those charities think a year is a stretch, they don’t expect to survive more than 3 months.  They need our support like never before.

Increased pressure is being put on charities whose services are in dire need right now, such as domestic violence support, food banks and homeless shelters. As we all navigate our way out of the current situation, which is expected to take years rather than months, the need for other less obvious support groups and service providers will continue and even increase. So, what can we do to ensure they survive?

For a start, don’t presume it’s just the most talked-about charities or specific projects that need your support. The safety net that thousands of charitable organisations provide for all kinds of vulnerable communities is a huge and intricate one, each and every organisation endeavouring to ensure no-one slips through those holes. The scale of financial need will vary from simply keeping the lights on to an unprecedented increase in demand.

Continued giving is the lifeline we all have the ability to provide.  If you have a workplace giving program, your donation will be enhanced by your employers support – use it to increase your financial impact. Where you would ordinarily attend events or volunteer, consider redirecting that effort into rallying colleagues to further support your preferred organisation or cause. Let charities know their work is needed and valued by continuing to support them now and in the future, because it is most definitely not over.  Please keep your giving going.

Jo Kelly

Chief Customer Officer