A quick and effective way to increase regular giving

One of the quickest and most effective ways to increase regular giving to your organisation is registering to be one of Good2Give’s charity recipients. As a charity recipient on Good2Give’s Workplace Giving Platform, you have access to thousands of donors who give millions of dollars to charity annually. Last year, we processed 877,870 transactions resulting in $11.2M distributed to charities across Australia and New Zealand.

There are many perks to being a registered charity with Good2Give – attracting younger donors and reaching a wider audience, easily communicating with donors on a regular basis, and tapping into corporate matched giving programs – just to name a few. But today, we’ll be focusing on the advantages of running appeals which is perfect for June Workplace Giving Month!

What is Workplace Giving Month?

Like most things, workplace giving programs need some regular attention to keep them operating at their best, whether they’re corporate-led or charity-led programs. Every year, June is Workplace Giving Month which is aligned with the end of the financial year. It’s an ideal time to promote workplace giving as many givers make donations at this time. As a charity, we encourage you to get involved in June Workplace Giving Month to:

  • Build awareness of workplace giving
  • Increase regular giving to your organisation through workplace giving
  • Create a sense of community through collective giving
  • Celebrate the impact donations from workplace givers are making to your organisation and the community

How can Workplace Giving Month help increase regular giving?

One of the easiest and most effective ways to increase regular giving during Workplace Giving Month is to set up an appeal on the Good2Give Workplace Giving Platform. Appeals allow charities to encourage and promote workplace giving donations for a specific project or theme. A Workplace Giving Month appeal may attract donors who are looking to increase their regular giving or make a large, once-off payment at the end of the financial year.

Charities working to increase regular giving with 2022 Workplace Giving Month appeals

There are many great charities running Workplace Giving Month appeals this year, we’ve chosen to highlight a couple to inspire your own appeal.

Cerebral Palsy Alliance – Help little feet take big steps this Workplace Giving Month

Cerebral Palsy Alliance (CPA) is running a workplace giving appeal to increase regular giving on the Good2Give Workplace Giving Platform. Featuring a heartfelt message and imagery, workplace givers can donate directly to CPA through our platform by adding them to their regular giving or making a once-off donation. This is a great strategy to reach new givers who may not have previously donated to CPA.

Sydney Children’s Hospital Foundation – Join the movement of many and support Workplace Giving Month June 2022

Sydney Children’s Hospitals Foundation (SCHF) has taken a different, approach to increase regular giving during Workplace Giving Month. Through the Good2Give Workplace Giving Platform, SCHF will be communicating with donors about the benefits of workplace giving. This allows them to communicate directly and efficiently about workplace giving programs and the impact they have on the SCHF community.

Creating an appeal to increase regular giving

Are you inspired to create an appeal on Good2Give’s Workplace Giving Platform and increase the regular giving your organisation receives? Visit our Charity Help Site for instructions, or contact our friendly support team.

If you’re not already a registered charity recipient on the Good2Give Workplace Giving Platform, make sure to register today!