Volunteering on the Workplace Giving Platform

We have integrated our Workplace Giving Platform with Communiteer so businesses can manage their Volunteering programs, at the same time as managing their Workplace Giving and Fundraising programs.

We have partnered with Communiteer to bring an integrated volunteering solution to our platform. The move brings a new product offering to the Good2Give Workplace Giving Platform enabling corporates and donors to easily access volunteering opportunities, matching volunteer skills with the real needs of charities.

Our collaboration has created a one-stop-shop for businesses. The integration between both platforms means there is now a way for businesses to manage, communicate and evaluate their staff Volunteering programs, at the same time as managing their Workplace Giving and Fundraising programs – all from one place.

“We’re delighted to partner with Communiteer to provide another easy way for corporates and donors to support the charitable sector” says Good2Give’s CEO, Lisa Grinham. “Whilst charities often need financial support to survive, many also rely on volunteers to not only continue their work, but to increase their social impact.”

Victor Lee, CEO of Communiteer, says “For-purpose organisations need money, skills and time to continue to deliver their vital services to the wider community. Being specialists in online community building and skill-based volunteering, we have always seen the need to mobilise both money and time for us to amplify our collective impact.”

“We saw strong values-alignment with Good2Give and we share a common vision to build a more giving society to support the charity sector. We are really excited to announce our partnership with Good2Give and launch our integrated solution at the same time. This technical solution will provide a better experience for corporates, charities and donors.”