Mother’s Day gifts that make a difference

There are plenty of ways to make mum feel extra special this Mother’s Day – flowers, chocolate, jewellery – but what do you give the mum who has it all? Honour the mums in your life with Mother’s Day gifts that make a difference, while supporting mums and families in need.

Mother’s Day donation gift packs with UNICEF

UNICEF’s Mother’s Day donation gift packs are a great way to honour your mum this year. Inspired Gifts give lifesaving supplies to children across the world in dedication to your mum. Your mum will receive a personalised card within 72 hours and supplies will be shipped to children across the world who need them most.

Choose from UNICEF’s gift packs that make a difference

  • Mother’s Day Mum and Bub Bundle: This bundle offers peace of mind during pregnancy and assists in a safer birth.
  • Mother’s Day Newborn Welcome Pack: With a respirator, respiration timer, and 50 meningitis treatments, this pack can help to give every infant the best chance at life.
  • Mother’s Day Mum-to-be Bundle: This kit of medicine, soap, and midwifery supplies will keep 20 mums and bubs safe during pregnancy and birth.

Donate through Good2Give’s Workplace Giving Platform to ensure your donation has the highest possible impact.

Make a difference this Mother’s Day with the McGrath Foundation

You can make mum feel extra special this Mother’s Day while supporting mums and their families experiencing breast cancer. Whether you make a donation or purchase a special pink product, your support will help fund 170 McGrath Breast Care Nurses supporting families across Australia.

Support the McGrath Foundation with Mother’s Day Gifts that make a difference

  • Make a donation: Donate to the McGrath Foundation in lieu of a Mother’s Day gift and not only will you make a difference in the life of another mum, but they will also send you a personalised e-card that you can forward to mum! Donate through Good2Give’s Workplace Giving Platform to maximise your charitable impact.
  • Buy a gift: Treat mum to a special gift that she can sport with pride by shopping pink or purchasing a McGrath Foundation partner product.
  • Have a conversation: Encourage the mums and daughters in your life to have a conversation about the importance of being more breast aware and improving breast health understanding.

Be a part of the Karinya Village

Karinya House supports women in Canberra and surrounding areas by providing safety, shelter, and a positive support network.  Karinya House believes every woman who is pregnant, or parenting should be surrounded by the support she needs and making a donation to Karinya House is a great way to make a difference this Mother’s Day.

Make a difference in the lives of mothers

Karinya House recognises and acknowledges the unique lived experiences of women as they navigate building a future for themselves. Their service framework focuses on developing a sense of hope and belonging, to create lasting change in the lives of women and mothers.

By donating to Karinya House through Good2Give’s Workplace Giving Platform, you can provide vital services to young women and mothers in Australia.

More gifts that make a difference for Mother’s Day 2022

UNICEF, McGrath Foundation, and Karinya House are just a few of the incredible organisations making a difference in the lives of young women and mothers across Australia and the world. We encourage you to honour the mums and maternal figures in your life this year by donating to one of the charities mentioned above or browsing our Charity Directory for causes close to your mum’s heart.