Gift Matching

Gift Matching programs are typically donation matching programs that companies run to support staff who give outside of payroll giving. Good2Give can ease the burden of managing corporate Gift Matching programs by utilising our technology and charity due diligence services.

What is Gift Matching?

Not all employees give using workplace giving. Many people support charities using other payment methods. This doesn’t stop great companies wanting to support their people in however they choose to give by matching their donations. Good2Give can ease the burden of managing corporate Gift Matching programs by utilising our technology and charity due diligence services.

At Good2Give, we know this generosity comes at a price, as Gift Matching programs that don’t harness technology are not easy programs for companies to manage. Collecting donation receipts, assessing donation matching eligibility, calculating employer matching contributions, validating hundreds of charities, making thousands of payments, and managing communications, all comes at a cost but for a greater good. Good2Give’s Gift Matching solution manages the processing of matched donations to charities seamlessly.

Already a Workplace Giving client with Good2Give?

Terrific. Then the value of using our Workplace Giving Platform just got even better. Our clients benefit from a unified employee matching cap to be applied across both Gift Matching and Workplace Giving. You will also be able to use our reporting facility as a one-stop reporting tool across both giving programs.

For your employees, Gift Matching donations will be visible in their Giving History with Good2Give. For your supported charities, funds will be dispersed simultaneously for Gift Matching and Workplace Giving – reducing administration and financial management for not-for-profit organisations.

Not a Workplace Giving client with Good2Give?

Not a problem, we have a solution to reduce your admin burden and ensure donations reach charities fast too.

Features and benefits

Charity registration and validation

Good2Give manages the onboarding of Australian and New Zealand charities conducting a rigorous validation process, to ensure that businesses are supporting legitimate registered charities. This process not only reduces the administrative burden for corporate foundations and corporate social responsibility departments, but provides the assurance of reputation protection and ethical charity donations.

Charity payment and remittance

A key part of the value Good2Give provides the not-for-profit sector is the reduction of administrative burden for fundraising and finance departments in charities. We provide a central clearance point for funds distribution to charities so they receive one payment every month, with clear accounting for reporting purposes.

Data and administration management

Good2Give manages data import and invoice administration processes for businesses to facilitate their Gift Matching programs. We maintain the highest standards of data and privacy protection, cyber security and risk management.

Donation distribution and remittance

Good2Give manages the administration, accounting and remittance process to ensure funds are distributed to charities as frequently as monthly, or annually if preferred.

Communications and engagement

Our Workplace Giving platform provides an automated trigger communication facility so that employees know their gift has been matched by their company, saving the company from managing lists, and developing and executing communications.

Matching caps easily managed

We ensure employee matching caps and matching budgets are easily managed. As all donations are managed via our Workplace Giving platform, it means that matching caps across the various programs can be automated.

Transparent reporting

Good2Give’s Workplace Giving platform provides a dashboard reporting facility for CSR Managers, with comprehensive reporting filters.

Donor transparency

Donors can easily access their Giving History for an itemised breakdown of their donations as well as company matched donations.