Give employees volunteering opportunities that match their skills with the real needs of charities.

At Good2Give we know donating money and volunteering time go hand-in-hand. Our partnership with Communiteer offers Volunteering to companies.

Communiteer is a social enterprise that uses a crowdsourcing platform to connect and mobilise volunteers to tackle the world’s greatest challenges.

Communiteer’s online platform, which connects volunteers with charities, is now fully integrated with Good2Give’s Workplace Giving platform. We have come together to create a one-stop-shop for businesses to manage, communicate and evaluate their staff volunteering programs.

Companies can now create even more of a social impact through volunteering.

Good2Give CEO Lisa Grinham introduces volunteering

How can volunteers find the charities that desperately need their support?

Through Good2Give’s partnership with Communiteer, we have created a community where businesses and their employees can access volunteering opportunities that match their skills with the real needs of charities.

Once on the platform, there are three steps to find the charities or organisations in need of support:

  1. Volunteers nominate the skills they can share
  2. They then select the UN Sustainable Development Goals they are passionate about
  3. Which tailors their newsfeed to the stories, events and projects aligned with the chosen purpose

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Features and benefits

For business

Businesses can deliver meaningful opportunities for employees and increase employee engagement in a tangible, visible and motivating way. Businesses can support staff to volunteer for the charities they care about. Volunteering provides an alternative approach to help achieve business CSR goals through employee engagement and community support.

For volunteers

Volunteers will have access to meaningful information about their cause areas, opportunities to participate in regular online events and connect with other like-minded people. Volunteers can find opportunities that fit within their schedule, they can share ideas across communities to engage and stimulate talents of more volunteers.

For charities

Charities can use this volunteering channel to stay connected with current volunteers as well as introducing them to new ones. Charities can create a dedicated space for volunteers to collaborate, communicate and connect. The increased visibility that charities receive will help to maintain awareness of the social issues they support. And this will lead to better retention through the use of technology to form a deeper engagement with volunteers.

Virtual events

Extraordinary events, such as in times of crisis, can present challenges to individuals and communities, and can mean many charities face tough challenges themselves. Virtual volunteering campaigns can help support these charities in need. We are dedicating ourselves to helping the charity sector remain sustainable by encouraging as many charities as we can to use digital communities to be virtually together. Find out more about the Virtually Together campaign, running until November 2020.

Best in class technology

Good2Give’s technology is now fully integrated with the Communiteer online platform which utilises technology to connect all involved in social good. A sophisticated process is used to match philanthropists, volunteers, charities and corporations, to create greater social impact through virtual volunteering.

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