5 Days of Giving: Day 1 Give at Work

Today’s challenge is one of the easiest and most effective ways to support a cause you care about – give at work. Sign up for workplace giving and make a donation!

If your company offers workplace giving, it means you can give to the charities you care about as a pre-tax donation, directly from your pay, while you work. Here’s why that matters:

  • It’s tax effective
    Your donation is processed directly from your salary, which means you get an immediate tax benefit by automatically reducing your taxable income. No need to save those pesky tax receipts until the end of the year! Check out our tax calculator to see how you benefit.
  • It’s secure
    Donations are processed directly and securely through your employer – you don’t have to use your credit card, hand over cash, or sign up to databases.
  • Your dollar goes further
    You can potentially double your donation to the charity of your choice if your company provides donation matching.
  • It makes life easier for charities
    Good2Give consolidates all the giving from generous donors into one payment for charities. That means less administration for these organisations – who are resource and time poor – so they can get on with their important work.In the 2017/18 financial year, $18.5 million was donated to charity through Good2Give’s Workplace Giving Platform, with over 3,000 charities benefiting. This means that all those charities get a sustainable funding stream – it’s a win for all involved!

How do I get started?

If your company has the Good2Give Workplace Giving platform, there’s two ways you can get started:

  • Make a regular donation
    Sign up, by chatting to your HR Manager. Then, sign in and choose from over 2,000 charities to support. It’s easy to increase or decrease your donations, and their regularity, depending on your financial situation.
  • Make a one-off donation
    If a disaster unfolds and you feel compelled to donate, you can take immediate action and make a once-off contribution to charities delivering emergency relief, aid or infrastructure support
  • If your company doesn’t have workplace giving, chat to your HR Manager, show them the features and benefits of workplace giving and send us an email to let us know you are interested.

Sign in now and get giving!


Join the 5 Days of Giving by downloading the poster here. Tag us on social media with your challenge completions.


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