5 Days of Giving: Day 2 Give Kindness

Today’s challenge is to carry out a Random Act of Kindness (R.A.O.K) and get yourself a ‘helper’s high’!

A R.A.O.K is a selfless act to either help someone out, or simply make them smile. If you are the receiver of a R.A.O.K, the idea is to pay it forward to someone else and keep the kindness flowing.

Ready to R.A.O.K.?

Here are 10 quick and easy ideas to get you on the road to being randomly kind!

  • Order lunch for someone who is homeless
    If you live in Sydney or Melbourne, order yourself a hot meal from Two Good Co and an identical meal will be delivered to the homeless or to a domestic violence refuge. Why not treat a few colleagues to lunch and help even more people!
  • Promote praise
    Give a shout out to a deserving colleague via email or at your next All Staff meeting. Let them know they’re doing a great job.
  • Leave a friendly note
    Put pen to paper and leave a post-it note on a colleague’s keyboard with a silly joke, a bad drawing, or some cheerful words to make them smile..
  • Pay for a stranger’s coffee
    It’s easy – place your order and tell the barista: “next one’s on me”. You pay for two, and then delight in the surprise of the person behind you!
  • Share food
    Let’s face it: everyone loves free food. Why not buy a box of doughnuts and hand them out  at work – right around the 3pm sugar crash should do!
  • Give someone the gift of time
    Let the person behind you at the cafe go first. Or put your hand up to collect the morning’s coffees for your office. These are  small gestures that can make a big difference in a hectic, rushed day.
  • Decorate a desk
    Decorate the desk of a colleague who’s just finished a major project or achieved a win for your company. Everyone likes to feel appreciated!
  • Give your team a gift that keeps on giving
    Surprise your team with a small but thoughtful gift where the proceeds go to charity, such as LUSH’s Charity Pots.

Join the 5 Days of Giving by downloading the poster here. Tag us on social media with your challenge completions.

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