Workplace Giving

People can give a lot or a little, as many times as they like throughout the year, while they work. Workplace giving is an effective, efficient and ethical way for businesses and their employees to support the charities they care about.

What is workplace giving?

Workplace giving means that people in Australia and New Zealand can give to the charities they care about as a pre-tax donation, directly from their pay, while they work. It’s easy, it’s effective and it delivers low-cost, efficient and much-needed funding to charities.

For companies, workplace giving is a smart way to demonstrate a strategic commitment to corporate community investment. Employees are provided with an opportunity to connect with the values of the company they work for and an avenue to make a positive difference in society and the environment. The diverse and open selection of charities available through workplace giving also provides an avenue for companies to walk the talk on diversity and inclusion initiatives.

Most importantly, workplace giving delivers a positive financial impact for charities – this is low-cost charity funding, with 99 per cent of all donations going directly to the cause. Workplace giving streamlines the financial management process of corporate donations to charities and reduces administration, while building charities’ supporter base – developing new donor relationships and advocating for important causes and issues throughout Australia.

Workplace Giving with Good2Give

Good2Give’s purpose-built Workplace Giving platform provides a technology solution for more than 150 socially and environmentally responsible businesses in Australia and New Zealand. These companies provide their workforce with the opportunity to support over 2,000 charities with one-off or regular donations. Our choice of charities represents the vast array of cause areas and issues people want to support, including: children and young people; diversity and inclusion; improving physical and mental health and wellbeing, aged care; Indigenous communities; animal welfare and protection; education; the environment; international aid and development; and arts, culture and sport.

Our commitment to quality assurance and best practice ensures all charities are validated and registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profit Commission.

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Features and benefits

Employee engagement made easy

Good2Give’s Workplace Givers Revealed research shows that, of those surveyed, 86 per cent of employees say workplace giving makes them proud to work for their company. 80 per cent say a workplace giving program demonstrates ‘a genuine commitment to the community and makes their company a better place to work’. 94 per cent want giving to be easy and say workplace giving makes giving easy.

Attract and retain talent

We know that providing effective ways to demonstrate a business’ purpose, values and commitment to community is key to attracting the talent of the future. Good2Give’s Workplace Giver’s Revealed research shows that 69 per cent of people donating through payroll giving are 18 – 49 years old. Companies that match workplace giving donations are also seen as generous by their employees.

Matching and reporting made easy

Good2Give’s Workplace Giving platform provides a one-stop-shop for managing your payroll giving programs. Corporate social responsibility, employee engagement and human resources teams can see how much their place of work is giving, to which causes and can manage donation matching budgets in one place with a user-friendly dashboard and reporting tools.

Biggest choice

Good2Give’s Workplace Giving platform provides donors with the widest selection of charity choice in Australia. People can give to more than 2,000 charities across 17 cause areas with Good2Give. The adaptable functionality of our platform means companies can support crisis and emergency appeals, company-specific giving campaigns, and seasonal giving.

Quality assurance

Good2Give has a rigorous and regular charity validation process. Our financial accounts are audited by KPMG, and we maintain the highest standards of data and privacy protection, cyber security and risk management processes guided by our Technology Advisory Group. Good2Give is certified ISO27001 compliant by Compass Assurance Services.

Giving made easy

For donors, workplace giving is convenient, transparent and tax effective. Donors can manage their giving online, choose a donation payment method, see how much they give, how often, and how many charities they support. In addition, our Single Sign On functionality minimises the sign up barriers to the Workplace Giving platform to boost participation and engagement.

Workplace Giving for Companies

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Workplace Giving for Charities

Download our brochure outlining the benefits of workplace giving for charities.


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