Good2Give Workplace Giving

Workplace giving enables employees to make a pre-tax donation to a registered charity direct from their pay.

Good2Give works with more companies in Australia and New Zealand than all other service providers combined. Our technology, know-how, customer service and commitment to the not-for-profit sector is second to none.


Good2Give’s purpose-built Workplace Giving Platform is an easy-to-use and secure way for employees to give regular or one-off pre-tax donations directly to the causes that matter to them – minimising the cost to the employee and maximising the benefit for the charity.

Workplace giving improves employee morale and engagement while benefiting charities by providing regular income which is low cost. See Good2Give 2015 Workplace Givers Revealed research report.

As is evidenced by the numerous workplace giving programs we manage, the most effective programs are those that offer a wide selection of charities as employees are motivated to give when they can find a charity that they are personally connected to. We have found that when a company moves from offering only a small number of charities to give to, to more charity choice, the number of donors and value of donations double, and the number of charities receiving funds increases 8 to 10-fold. However, some companies have been successful by limiting charity choice; we always work with companies to deliver a program that best suits their needs.

Companies can amplify their Workplace Giving Program by matching employees’ donations – meaning charities have the opportunity to receive more!

Good2Give works directly with companies and payroll departments to establish a program that meets business objectives and advises companies on the best ways to promote it to encourage employee participation.

Partnership announcement

Good2Give and the LBG ANZ have announced a new partnership to deepen corporate community investment in Australia and New Zealand.

With a shared vision for high impact community programs, we’re excited to announce an introductory offer to each other’s services. To find out more click here.

What is Workplace Giving?

Features and Benefits


Giving made easy

There are many levers a company can pull to engage employees and indeed many ways to support charities. According to Good2Give’s 2015 Workplace Givers Revealed research report, workplace giving is proven to make employees feel proud of their company; and 94 per cent agreed that workplace giving is easy. Companies can also support charities by matching staff donations, delivering the dual benefit of delivering more funds to charities and increasing employee engagement.

Support a broad range of employee interests

Engage more of your employees by giving them access to any charity in Australia or New Zealand (depending on where they are located) so they can give to the charities and causes that matter most to them. A workplace giving program that has the potential to engage all employees, can then free your company up to work with selected charity partners that align with your business objectives and brand positioning.

Detailed reporting

Gain real time insights into what causes and charities your people are most interested in. Use this valuable information to further develop and streamline your broader corporate community investment program.  Workplace giving activity reporting includes cause areas, charities, donor participation rates and business unit comparisons.

Payroll management made easy

Good2Give can reduce processing time and administration costs, and reduce stress in your Payroll team.

Charity validation and funds distribution assured

We conduct rigorous charity validation on a quarterly basis using a number of government databases plus our own extra layer of due diligence. Charity payments are made monthly. Our financial accounts are audited by KPMG. You can be assured donations are going where they should when they should.

For more information on Good2Give Workplace Giving for companies click here. 


Reduce your fundraising costs

Receive regular monthly donations via EFT which combines donations from multiple companies and donors.

Access younger donors

Attract and engage a younger donor base. When it comes to workplace givers, some 69 per cent are aged between 18 – 49 years, compared with only 22 per cent of general public donors. (See Good2Give 2015 Workplace Givers Revealed research report)

Share your impact

Charity communication is vital for donor engagement. Our Workplace Giving Platform allows charities to easily communicate with their workplace givers on a regular basis.

Tap into company matched giving programs

Through the Good2Give Workplace Giving Platform, companies can maximise the expression of goodwill by matching employee donations – meaning charities have the opportunity to receive more!

Get to know your workplace givers

Good2Give provides a reporting dashboard so you can understand your workplace givers more – their names, who they work for and how much they give (if shared). Furthermore our Workplace Giving Platform enables you to communicate directly with workplace givers, so you can build a strong long term relationship.

For more information on Good2Give Workplace Giving for charities click here. 

Workplace givers

Giving made easy

Manage and change donations easily. Set up regular or one-off donations directly to the charities and causes that matter most to you. No need to use and keep your credit cards or bank details up to date.

Giving makes you feel good

Connect with the charities you care about and see the impact of your donation with the option to give anonymously if you wish.

Give to charities you care about

You can give to your favourite charity by suggesting and adding new charities to the platform.

Giving makes financial sense

With workplace giving, the tax benefits are immediate; no need to keep or find tax receipts.

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Tap into your company’s matched giving program

Through the Good2Give Workplace Giving Platform, your company has the opportunity to match your donations – meaning charities have the opportunity to receive more!

Case Studies


In December 2014, PwC used Good2Give’s Workplace Giving Platform to grow the number of charities that staff could give to from 19 to any DGR charity in Australia.

Since offering staff greater charity choice, more than 330 charities now receive donations via PwC’s workplace giving program, helping to improve the sustainability of the sector and their contribution to our communities.

Mark Reading, Corporate Responsibility Partner explains the move to Good2Give, “At PwC we believe workplace giving donations provide low-cost recurring income for charities, which is vital to enable charities to plan for the medium to long term. We know our partners and staff are very generous so we wanted to support them even further in their giving by providing greater charity choice.

We also match our people’s donations in order to increase the impact of our giving. An innovative feature of Good2Give’s Workplace Giving Platform is how charities can communicate to donors regarding how donations are being used and the impact this is having. At PwC, we believe this communication is a fantastic way to engage donors.”

PwC Giving is an important part of our efforts to have a positive impact on society. We believe the program makes a very real difference for the charities PwC people support.

Bupa Australia

Bupa Australia is a leading healthcare company that aims to improve the health and wellbeing of its customers and the community as a whole. Some of the ways in which Bupa contributes to the community is through programs such as their employee fund matching program, national volunteering program and workplace giving. Through these initiatives, employees can donate their time or money to Bupa’s community partners or to a charity of their choice.

In 2012, Bupa decided to focus on their workplace giving program to increasing employee participation in their workplace giving program. At the time they had an employee participation rate of 4 per cent, which they hoped to raise to 7 per cent.

In order to do this, they reviewed the way the program was communicated and linked it to the wider business sustainability commitment called Well World – “You Give. We Give. Together we can create a Well World.” Communications about the program were adjusted to share the benefits of the program, particularly highlighting how collective giving can amount to large donations going to charity. Messages also highlighted the benefits to both the charity and the donor, demonstrating how workplace giving is the best way to give to charities.

To share the refreshed messages, Bupa decided to “give up” their first birthday celebrations and give to charity instead. Employees were encouraged to sign up to Good2Give’s Workplace Giving Platform during Bupa’s birthday month and Bupa would give an additional one-off donation of $100, to their charity. The fun and engaging campaign highlighted Bupa’s charity partners and encouraged more people to give due to the incentive. One Bupa employee felt that the campaign was a “great initiative, my colleague and I signed up straight away… it was a team effort!”

These positive reactions from employees are reflected in Bupa’s workplace giving statistics after the campaign. Bupa succeeded in raising its employee participation rate by 50 per cent. Today 8 per cent of Bupa health insurance employees give to over 90 charities every month. “The birthday campaign was our most successful workplace giving activity”, said Alisha Mete, Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability Advisor. “Employees appreciated the opportunity to celebrate our achievement as a company, by giving to others. We know that giving to others is an important part of our overall health and wellbeing and the campaign was a great way to demonstrate this”.

Breast Cancer Network Australia

Breast Cancer Network Australia (BCNA) knows that workplace giving is good – not only them as a charity – but also as an employer who have embraced Good2Give’s Workplace Giving Platform in their own operation.

During 2014/15, workplace giving donations to BCNA increased by 23 per cent, the number of donors rose by 44 per cent, and the number of companies supporting them grew three-fold.

According to CEO Christine Nolan, “We are committed to building workplace giving funding and our team is encouraged by the growth this year. We’re also sensing a shift within corporates wanting to engage with us more effectively via workplace giving.”

BCNA notes the value of direct communication to donors through Good2Give’s Workplace Giving Platform. Rosalee, Head of Development and Communications, explains, “Donor engagement is critical, and in the past it’s been one of the challenges with workplace giving, however using Good2Give’s Workplace Giving Platform we can thank donors as soon as their first donation is made, and then we can continue to keep them updated via monthly newsletter through the platform. It couldn’t be easier.”

Introducing Good2Give’s Workplace Giving Platform to BCNA’s own staff has engaged around 15 per cent of staff with nine charities receiving funds over the past months.

“As a CEO of a charity, I know the people working at BCNA have big hearts, so I want to give our staff the opportunity to donate to whoever they want to,” Christine Nolan said.


Company Resource Hub


Good2Give’s Company Resource Hub gives you access to a range of professionally designed promotional assets, materials and templates that can be used when wanting to launch a workplace giving appeal within your company. This enables Program Managers to easily promote workplace giving on a regularly basis to grow company-wide awareness.

Click here to visit the hub.

Industry Evaluation


Companies are constantly seeking better data to help benchmark their performance against their peers. Good2Give’s Workplace Giving Industry Evaluation tool provides a comprehensive snapshot of the market. Updated quarterly, companies can use this tool to assess their workplace giving program performance by industry, company size, gender, and company matching.

Good2Give uses client and donor data collected from the last 12 months across a broad representative sample size of more than 100 Australian companies – representing nearly 20 per cent of employee donations.

To view the Workplace Giving Industry Evaluation tool click here


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Good2Give’s Workplace Giving Platform is an easy-to-use and secure way for employees to give regular or one-off pre-tax donations directly to the causes that matter to them. Through the platform companies have the flexibility to match employees’ donations – meaning charities have the opportunity to receive more!

It’s also easy for charities to receive and report on workplace giving donations whilst tapping into a unique group of passionate donors, which is why hundreds of charities are currently using the platform today.

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