It’s #GivingTuesday on 28 November 2017. From 1 November, Good2Give is challenging Australians to give a bit each day. You’ll feel good. You’ll make other people feel good. You’ll be doing good, and making a positive social and environmental impact.

Let’s see you giving!

Congratulations to our 2 fantastic #28DaysofGiving Winners Jim Sonerson and Jennifer Goudie. They have chosen Warkworth Wellsford Hospice and Claws ‘n’ Paws Rescue to receive $200 AUS each.


Take the 28 Day Giving Challenge!

will take place on 28 November this year. It’s a globally recognised day when people around the world are encouraged to come together for a common purpose – to give! With Christmas and silly season on its way, it’s a chance to reflect on why giving is important, before all the madness starts.

In celebration of #GivingTuesday, Good2Give are running a 28 Days of Giving Challenge, asking you to give a little bit each day, throughout the month of November. You can participate as an individual or with friends and colleagues.

Complete all of the challenges and be the rock star of our #28GivingDays Challenge, or choose to do a few of your favorites. Whatever you do, share your stories and be part of a global movement of generosity.

1. Download a checklist

Keep on track with the challenges you have completed.

2. Get your thinking caps on

See our Daily Challenge list below for blogs full of ideas.

3. Share your stories

Share challenge completions on LinkedIn and Facebook & you could win $200 for your favourite charity.

The 2 best stories shared on Facebook or LinkedIn will get to nominate a charity to receive $200 in donations, from the team at Good2Give. Tag @Good2GiveNGO, #28GivingDays & #GivingTuesday & get giving!

Daily Challenges

Need some ideas? We created a blog for each 28 Day Challenge to get you inspired.
Click on the links below.


Day 1.
 Help someone less mobile:
There aren’t many places that are easy to get around if you need a wheelchair, are older, or even if you’re pushing a little one around in a pram. BUT there are lots of ways to help someone with mobility challenges.
Day 2. Have a chat:
Relationships Australia has reported that 9% of Aussies feel lonely. When you’re not lonely, it’s hard to imagine the impact this has on your diet, well being, sense of self worth and overall happiness. Find out how you can brighten someone’s world by making them feel more included.
Day 3. Give a day of pay:
If you can afford it, of course. There’s the disclaimer. There are many occasions where people say ‘I’d love to work for charity. If this is you, why not work for the benefit of a charity: donate a day’s pay. Can’t afford it? How about a $ a day for the month of November? You can do this through workplace giving if your employer has this facility available, or donate direct to a charity via their website. Here’s why.
Day 4. Treat someone:
Cupcakes. Chocolate. Their favourite champagne. A little bunch of flowers. Make it a surprise, make it for no reason at all, just make their day. Here’s 5 ways you can treat someone.
Day 5. Put it in writing: 
Letter writing is a lost art – how long has it been since you put pen to paper just to keep in touch? Read why you should here.
Day 6. Gift it ethically:
Got your Christmas shopping list for your family? Have names been drawn for the office Secret Santa? 
Here’s where to purchase with purpose in mind.
Day 7. Feel good about your morning coffee:
For a start, look out for cafes supporting Fair Trade and ethically sourced produce. And buy a keep cup because 1 billion disposable ones are discarded every year in Australia. Yes they are! Here’s some ideas of where to buy yours.
Day 8. Give at work:
Now your cheeky response to this is ‘I give plenty of blood, sweat and tears’ – and we know you do. But you can also participate in workplace giving. Find out more here.
Day 9. Volunteer:
Just for a day. Or longer if you want to, but start with a day. Here’s how.
Day 10. Give in circles:
Yes you can, it’s not just nonsense. Find out what a giving circle is here and when you’re done reading create one or join one. 
Day 11. Sell your treasure:
Ahoy, me hearties, yes you’ve got treasure. It may no longer be treasure to you, but it is to someone else so upcycle, freecycle or sell and donate the proceeds. You savvy? Here’s how.
Day 12. Give your smarts and skills:
You have them. Others need them. Find out how to put them to use for a great cause.
Day 13. Be randomly kind:
Perform a Random Act Of Kindness. Need inspiration? We’ve got you covered.
Day 14. Sponsor a child:
Because it will help them. Because these kids have so few chances otherwise. So if you can, you should. It’s less than $2 a day. Here’s how.
Day 15. Plant a tree:
How good are trees? They look good, they clean our air, they give us shade, they provide homes for so many creatures. So why wouldn’t you plant one? 
Want to do more than spruce up your garden? Here’s how.
Day 16. Give your points:
It’s highly likely you’ve forgotten all about them, but there they are, sitting next to your credit card balance. Use them for good – donate them to a great cause.
Day 17.  Giving beyond living:
It’s going to happen and you need to have a last will and testament. Write one – everyone should – and leave a bequest to your favourite charity while you’re at it. Here’s some more information.
Day 18. Support a new charity:
It’s a sad fact of life that there’s no shortage of suffering in the world. There’s also no shortage of research needed, awareness and education required, empowerment and opportunity to create – and there are no shortage of charities working hard to make the world a better place. Give them your support.
Day 19. Support schools:
The wealth creators of our nation and where we shape our future – schools sit at the heart of communities and even if you’re not using them, you can help them. Here’s how.
Day 20. Get a team:
No, not at work. Coach one. For fun. Don’t know where to start? We’ve got you covered.
Day 21. Wake up your lazy money:
Seriously. It needs to get to work. 
Here’s how to get it out of bed.
Day 22. Cook up a Feast:
Grab a friend, make something special, sit down together and enjoy! Here’s why.
Day 23. Say bye bye books:
They look nice and some of them are sentimental so keep those, but last year’s holiday read that you’ll never pick up again….you can do something with that.
Day 24. Tech trash to treasure:
You might upgrade your MacBook every year but not everyone has that privilege. 
Here’s what to do with the tech you’re no longer using.
Day 25. No gifts, thanks:
If you’re scratching your head wondering what your 16 aunts should buy you for Christmas – and you’re all good for socks – why don’t you take a pass on presents and ask them to do this instead? 
Day 26. Raise some fun:
Run, bake, dance, shave, climb, abseil…..the possibilities are endless. But you can have a whole lot of fun while you raise money for charity. Here’s some ideas to get you going.
Day 27. Fido needs a home:
 It’s time. You are taking the big step into pet parenthood to have and to hold a fluffy creature of your very own. Why not rescue one who’s had a rough start in life and turn their world around? If you live in a flat or fancy something more exotic, you can sponsor an animal. Whatever your choice, here’s some ideas to get you one step closer to you furry friend.
Day 28. It’s bleeding obvious:
But you’re full of something that could save someone’s life. Giving blood could quite literally make all the difference in emergency situations. It only stings for a second, so book in to donate yours.

So there you have it. Some are big challenges, some are tiny, and some take barely any effort at all. If you post photos of your activities to Facebook and LinkedIn tagging @good2give #28GivingDays #GivingTuesday and our team votes your photo the best – you could score your charity of choice a $200 donation.