A good way to end the year!

We are finishing the year with the significant announcement that Good2Give has merged with Good2Give and ShareGift Australia (SGA). ShareGift is a not-for-profit that delivers an innovative charitable funding stream by trading shares (that can be untradeable) to donate to DGR charities. Good2Give will be investing in technology and resources to deliver this virtually untapped funding channel in Australia.

‘This merger has the potential for significant impact’, says Good2Give’s CEO Lisa Grinham. ‘We believe it will introduce a new opportunity for shareholder giving in Australia in addition to all of the other services that Good2Give provides’.

Anna Draffin, ShareGift’s Executive Director says, ‘As the only service of its kind in Australia, ShareGift’s merger with Good2Give will build on our existing capabilities, enabling us to generate more share capital for the benefit of more charities than currently’, says Draffin. ‘To put this in perspective, right now there are approximately $451m worth of shares forgotten about by small investors.’

This is a very exciting development for Good2Give as we head into 2020! For more information, please read our press release.

We’re not stopping there though. In 2020, we’ll be investing further in new partnerships, technology development, cyber security and much more, so we can be true to our purpose to deliver more money securely to the not-for-profit sector. We’ll achieve this by being innovative with our products and collaborative with our partnerships as this is at the heart of who G2G is.

Facebook’s New Zealand Groups Fund Program launched last week too. These grants can be used to fund a variety of events, resources, tools and access that empower face-to-face or in-person activities of New Zealand Facebook Groups and their members.

Grants of NZ$500 – $5,000 will be available and will provide opportunities to bring communities together, not just online but in our neighbourhoods, on our sporting fields or even around the backyard BBQ!

Apply for funding

A big thanks to Martin Paul from More Strategic for hosting our recent Good2Give team building morning and strategy workshop. Using Lego as a tool was a fun way for our team to problem solve in a creative and lateral way!

The Good2Give team at our end of year team building exercise.
The Good2Give team at our end of year team building exercise.

And finally, I wish you a healthy, happy and above all safe festive season!

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