Good2Give and ShareGift merger reaps charitable rewards

A newly announced merger between Good2Give and ShareGift Australia has the potential to release millions of previously under-utilised share capital to charities.

Good2Give’s ability to deliver its industry leading, corporate giving technology will enhance ShareGift’s future capacity and produce economies of scale. Like the GoFundraise joint venture, this merger is a strategic addition to Good2Give’s innovative delivery of technology solutions. Through its support of over 150 companies, including 20 per cent of ASX100, Good2Give’s platform has already facilitated over $210M of charitable funding.

An independent non-profit, ShareGift’s services make it easy and cost effective for shareholders to unlock unused share capital, creating a new pool of charitable funding. ShareGift has already distributed over $1.8M to Australian charities.

‘This merger has the potential for significant impact’, says Good2Give’s CEO Lisa Grinham. ‘We believe it will introduce a new opportunity for shareholder giving in Australia in addition to all of the other services that Good2Give provides’.

Anna Draffin, ShareGift’s Executive Director says ‘We believe merging with Good2Give is the ideal way for us to encourage and facilitate more shareholder giving. Good2Give’s technology, supported by ShareGift’s platform, will enable shareholders to consolidate their giving across their share portfolio, and for charities to receive funds more efficiently.’

‘As the only service of its kind in Australia, ShareGift’s merger with Good2Give will build on our existing market expertise, enabling us to generate more share capital for the benefit of more charities’, says Draffin. ‘To put this in perspective, right now there is approximately $451m in 150,000 small holdings.’

Justin Greiner, CEO of JBWere commented; ‘We’re excited to further our support of ShareGift as they merge with Good2Give. The combined commitment of both organisations, and their technical ability to facilitate corporate giving and unlock untradeable share value, is a unique opportunity for companies like ourselves and the charities who will benefit. I urge other corporates to engage and participate.’

‘One of the most exciting outcomes of this merger’, says Lisa, ‘is that it represents a unique opportunity to perpetually grow corporate philanthropy and shareholder giving in Australia.’

The merger is effective from 10 December 2019. To enable this merger, philanthropic funding was secured; a second funding round will be sought in early 2020 for technology and resource investment to build further capacity for growth.

ShareGift’s services remain uninterrupted so shareholders may continue to donate shareholdings (of any size) to make a difference to our communities.

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About Good2Give

Good2Give is a not-for-profit that facilitates charitable giving between corporates, donors and charities. Our focus is on building a more giving society by inspiring and enabling businesses and people to support communities they care about. Good2Give’s market-leading technology platforms allow for the efficient and secure processing of around a million donations annually. Since 2001, Good2Give has facilitated $210 million to more than 7,000 Australian and international communities.

About ShareGift Australia

ShareGift Australia’s purpose is to make it easy and cost effective for shareholders to grow philanthropy in Australia through the donation of shares and related proceeds to charity.