Authenticity in a time of vulnerability

It’s no surprise our priorities have been under scrutiny over the last few months, and analysing the ongoing consequences is enlightening. On 25 June, global communications firm Edelman launched their Trust Barometer Special Report: Brand Trust in 2020, and the insights are valuable for us all.

They are, in some ways, a logical extension of the insights from their 2019 Trust Barometer. In brief, the 2019 report detailed the trend of employees looking to their organisation to engage meaningfully with societal issues and take action. The most recent Special Report takes that thinking even further.

The personal and community consequences of the COVID-19 global pandemic and the increased focus on the Black Lives Matter movement have touched all our lives. On both an emotional and practical level, there are a multitude of concerns and opportunities. The importance of satisfying that need in consumers, and what that means in regard to earning and retaining their trust, has translated clearly into the Report. Richard Edelman, CEO of Edelman, says “trust has become a game changer for brands because it addresses people’s fears about personal safety, most notably vulnerability on health, financial stability, and privacy”. When you extend that thinking to include employers, the opportunity to build a workplace based on authenticity and engagement with societal issues is not only beneficial, but necessary.

It’s clear that consumers are looking for brands to act and advocate for change. For corporate organisations, adopting this mindset, and executing it meaningfully, offers a fantastic opportunity to bring an enhanced level of employee satisfaction and advocacy into the workplace.  This is a time for genuine and authentic action, providing a forum for employees to support the causes and projects they believe in is now far from a bonus offering – it has become expected. This is what drives us at Good2Give, and we welcome a conversation with you at any time as to how we can support you to drive positive employee and customer outcomes.