Fundraising at Work | The key to unlocking new donors for charities?

This month marks one year since the launch of Fundraising at Work, a joint venture introduced by Good2Give and GoFundraise. This digital venture boosts donations raised through corporate fundraising initiatives by combining digital fundraising with workplace giving, dollar matching and seamless corporate engagement.

To celebrate the anniversary of this world first, we are proud to share the insights behind this new integrated technology solution that is quietly revolutionising workplace giving and peer-to-peer fundraising.

The start of an ongoing relationship with 53% of new givers and 27% becoming regular givers

We all acknowledge that charities are coming under increasing pressure to find new ways to develop revenue and deliver a positive impact. In a saturated sector, donor engagement is one of the key challenges for charities. Fundraising at Work means charities can build relationships through both workplace giving and peer-to-peer fundraising.

We’re delighted to see that not only are charities receiving donations from new donors but 27% of these new workplace giving donors have made a subsequent donation. In addition, in the majority of cases, these donors give to the charity they made the fundraising to plus at least one other charity they are likely to have a personal connection to, showing that Fundraising at Work can act as the start of a new relationship between donor and charity.

Not only is it the start of a connection with the charities. We’re also seeing Fundraising at Work act as a catalyst for new workplace giving donors with 53% of donors being new to this form of giving. We know that companies struggle with employee engagement and participation in workplace giving so this additional avenue allows companies to connect with their purpose-driven employees in a different way and achieve greater impact for the community.

Katherine Raskob, CEO of Fundraising Institute Australia comments: “Right now, we are in a highly competitive fundraising marketplace, and charities are needing to look more broadly for donors.  We know the workplace is where people are now engaging more broadly with social issues – not only demanding more from employers but seeking avenues for giving. Donors are increasingly likely to support their work colleagues when it comes to fundraising as a known and trusted quantity.  With acquisition costs increasing, the more opportunities for cost-effective acquisition, the better. The Fundraising at Work technology solution helps charities to reconnect and retain donors.  Any platform that makes it easy for the donor, and helps the charity to connect with them, as well as comply with best practice and ethical fundraising, is a win in FIA’s book.”

Bringing purpose to life – triple the impact through Fundraising at Work

We know that increasingly employees are seeking out purpose-driven ways to connect with the values and community contributions of their employees. Together, with generous donation matching programs within companies, charities have the potential to receive double the donations.

We’re excited to have seen this potential realised over the last 12 months with Fundraising at Work. Since launch, 95% of workplace giving donations to fundraising pages were matched. That’s almost double the money for charities through fundraising. What’s more, the average fundraising page value for Fundraising at Work is $2,680 – this is 3 times higher than outside of the work environment.

Through this we can really see the purpose-led approach that all businesses and Corporate Social Responsibility teams are eager to see embodied in their corporate culture come to life.

Lisa Grinham, CEO at Good2Give says: “This has truly surpassed our expectations. We are thrilled that we can provide this uplift on donations at no extra cost to the charities and excited to see where this can take us moving forward. This could well be a game changer for corporate giving.”

The power of partnership

Good2Give and GoFundraise believe that there is no better approach to solving challenges than the famous saying ‘two heads are better than one’. Collaboration and strategic partnerships are fundamental to improving business outcomes and the joining together of the two digital platforms to deliver Fundraising at Work is a fantastic example of this. We have been able to achieve impact that alone we won’t have been able to deliver.

Lisa Grinham, CEO at Good2Give says: “I’m proud that we have been able to deliver such an impactful solution for companies, donors and charities and I’m looking forward to seeing our donor numbers and donation amounts continue to rise as we work with more companies and charities.’

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