Fundraising at Work

An integrated technology solution that brings the action of peer-to-peer fundraising together with the efficiency and ease of workplace giving.

What is Fundraising at Work?

Fundraising at Work is the joint venture initiative of Good2Give and GoFundraise. We have come together to create a one-stop-shop for businesses to manage, communicate and evaluate their staff fundraising and workplace giving programs.

This seamless technology solution brings together two market-leading platforms and organisations with a shared vision to enable and inspire the generosity of the Australian and New Zealand workforces.

For companies, Fundraising at Work is a way to bring corporate community investment to life. Quite literally. Businesses can see their people running, walking, baking, shaving, swimming and donating to support each other in the quest to make the world a better place. This online facility means no more juggling of cash for fundraising sponsorship initiatives in the workplace, corporate social responsibility and human resources teams can see giving in action with matching, donation reports and fundraising projects all visible on one dashboard.

For charities, this opens new doors for low-cost funding, and relationships with new-found supporters. Charities will see fundraising initiatives turbo boosted with corporate matching and will have the facility to communicate directly with supporters using Good2Give and GoFundraise’s technology platforms.

Fundraising at Work was launched to market in March 2018.

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Features and benefits

For business

Bring employee engagement to life in a tangible, visible and motivating way. Fundraising at Work means companies can support staff to actively support the charities they care about. This seamless technology solution eliminates cash-based staff fundraising, reduces administration time and cost, and enables companies to monitor, evaluate and report on giving programs from one platform.

For charities

This is a new fundraising channel for charities, powered by Good2Give and GoFundraise. Fundraising at Work turbo-boosts fundraising initiatives with corporate donation matching for employees. Charities also benefit from monthly reporting functionality, built in communications tools and the opportunity to build a wider supporter base and rich business relationships.

For fundraisers and donors

Easy, effective, active and fun – people now have the opportunity to support their charity of choice in an interactive way by creating fundraising pages, or donating to their colleagues’ fundraising initiatives, while they work. This is also a convenient way to crowdsource donations online in celebration of big occasions and special events like weddings, baby showers and birthdays.

Best-in-class technology

Fundraising at Work combines the tried and tested technology platforms developed by Good2Give and GoFundraise to provide a seamless solution for businesses, charities and keen fundraisers and donors. We have integrated two best-in-class platforms in line with the most rigorous processes for cyber security, privacy and data management – trusted by 150 companies in Australia and New Zealand.

Easy to use

Developed by user experience experts to reflect the needs of corporate social responsibility, human resources, and payroll specialists in businesses; fundraising and corporate partnership managers in charities; and fundraisers and donors as individuals. Fundraising at Work is easy to use, enabling people to create and share fundraising pages and support colleagues’ through their pay.

Giving made easy

Workplace giving is a convenient, transparent and tax effective way for people to support the charities they care about. Donors can manage their giving online, see how much they give, how often they give, and how many charities they give to. There’s no need for people to keep receipts with pre-tax payroll giving, and people can potentially double the funding for their charity if companies provide donation matching.

Fundraising at Work

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