With the 2019 Charities Aid Foundation Australia Giving Report recently released, we gain further insight into how Australians donate, why they donate and how their money is impacting communities across Australia. Currently, 78 per cent of Australians believe that donating to charity or an organisation has a positive impact on Australia with the 18-24 years age group being more likely to volunteer than people of other age brackets. This data not only reiterates the importance of donating and volunteering, but also shows us that we need to empower the younger generation when it comes to giving as they are the future in building a strong culture of giving in Australia.

Now is the time to start thinking and planning your company’s End of Financial Year (EOFY) fundraising campaign and/or supporting Workplace Giving Month. Why not try ideas to incentivise such as double or triple matching for a month? We have so many tips and tricks here. Incentives boost employee moral as well as creating trust and respect in the workplace. Don’t forget to direct your employees to our Good2Give Workplace Giving Tax Calculator as this tool easily calculates the impact of a Workplace Giving donation.

Be inspired by businesses that have stepped up to help rebuild communities post natural disasters. Find out more from our case studies:

In addition to creating an appeal to support disaster relief, it is also important to have a corporate disaster philanthropy plan to align your giving strategies in the time of crisis with your business values. We are really excited to be co-hosting the Corporate Disaster Philanthropy Workshop with corporate2community in Sydney, where you’ll learn the practical steps to getting started. This event is for CSR Managers, Corporate Affairs and Community Relations people. Tickets are limited so secure your spot today. For Good2Give clients we have a special discount code that gives you 25% off – simply enter ‘G2GINNOVATE’ on the checkout page. Find out more here.

We know that charity due diligence is a time-consuming but important process to ensure good governance and risk reduction. It’s critical to know, with certainty, that your giving recipients are sound and are using funds as intended. In the last 18 months, Good2Give has completed more than 1,250 grant applications as part of our Corporate Grants Program services. Our Clients Relations Manager, Donna Riley O’Neill shares this article explaining  the importance of rigorous validation of charity and community organisations to protect your company’s brand from reputational damage.

If you are looking to attend the 2019 Generosity Forum in Sydney, Good2Give has an exclusive “Earlybird” discount available where you can save up to $200. When registering, simply put “G2G” into the promotional box and you’ll receive a discounted price. Be quick though, this offer ends March 21 2019. Register by clicking here.

If you have any questions or enquiries about any information above, please contact your Client Relations Manager or Good2Give representative.

Kerry Brooker
Head of Client and Charity Relations