Who is winning at Workplace Giving?

June is workplace giving month. It’s a time to reflect on the impact payroll giving has on communities and the environment in Australia and around the world. It’s also a time to celebrate the most generous companies who, through their giving programs, demonstrate their commitment to corporate social responsibility.

Who cares about Workplace Giving?

Loads of people. Say the words ‘pre-tax’ and ‘payroll’, though, and you’ll see eyes glaze over faster than the ATO hitting ‘calculate’ on your tax bill. So what’s so awesome about workplace giving?

It raises millions of dollars each year for the world’s most vulnerable and for causes screaming for action: for people and for planet. At Good2Give alone, the companies we work with donated more than $9 million collectively. Not bad, huh?

Workplace giving programs are vital for business, for charities and for individuals.

Business offering an opportunity for giving will attract and retain great talents who are driven by purpose – and that only increases when companies match their employees’ donations. Giving programs build brand reputations for socially and environmentally conscious companies – attracting customers and clients by focusing on causes that align with company values.

Charities benefit from workplace giving because it is about the collective impact of the Australian workforce coming together to fuel the cause engine they care about. Charities are constantly at odds with the need to do more to alleviate increasing need with minimum resources. Not-for-profit organisations are also scrutinised for spending on marketing and fundraising, and the administration required to manage incoming and outgoing finance. Like all organisations, they need to pay bills and turn the lights on. Workplace giving is low-cost, ethically sourced and easily reportable funding. It also enables charities to connect with potential corporate partners and new supporters and donors. Workplace giving also means charities can potentially double their money through company matching.

Individuals employed by companies offering workplace giving program have reported that they are happier to work where they do – they feel proud of their company. They’re also able to make a positive social or environmental impact with the support of their employer, whilst receiving instant tax benefits. Company matching allows them to double their impact and know they are valued and appreciated by their company.

Show me the stats

In the 2016/17 year Good2Give distributed $9.5 million to 1,404 charities. That’s 654,159 donations from 15,310 people giving direct from their pay, while they work.

Our workplace giving research shows that 86 per cent of people donating through workplace giving say their company’s program makes them proud to work there. And 78 per cent say their company is generous for matching their donations.

What about these millennials and generation X Y Z?

Sixty nine per cent of workplace givers are under 50 years of age, compared to 22 per cent of donations flowing from the general public.

The Workplace Giving Industry Influencers

In the spirit of giving, we want to recognise the value of every single donation, no matter the amount. Each one is important and makes an impact in its own way. When one donation becomes many, collective change can happen.

So let’s pause for a moment and recognise the highest donor participation rates of industries and their workforces giving with Good2Give.

The average participation rate in workplace giving from large businesses sits at six per cent.

Number one on our leader board of workplace giving industry influencers is Professional Services with a huge 15 per cent, almost double the industry average.

Not far behind is Property and Construction at number two, whose employees are literally building impact every day.

Third in line sits Finance with seven per cent, still one per cent over the industry average.

The Causes Connecting Workplace Givers

It’s important for charities and business to see which cause areas are receiving the most funding from workplace giving. This allows business to fill in the gaps and for charities to step up their efforts to get their workplace giving program seen and ensure their donors are feeling appreciated.

The top cause area for workplace givers to donate to is currently Overseas Aid and Development with 24 per cent of all donations going to help charities creating social and environmental impact around the world, including aiding people facing conflict, poverty, and lack of access to healthcare, as well as environmental issues and animal rights.

The second most popular cause is children and young people with 15 per cent, with workplace givers driven to support the next generation and people like themselves. Charities include those supporting the disadvantaged, the vulnerable, those facing health challenges and babies in need.

The third cause on our list is health and well-being with 13 per cent of donations. This cause area covers a wide range of charities including those supporting medical research, mental health and support and recovery.

Workplace givers, donors, employees, this impact could not be made without you!

Lastly, we think all of you workplace givers deserve a huge pat on the back for donating a massive $9.5million of your well-earned cash towards the people, animals, and places in Australia and around the world, who need it most. You should feel proud knowing that you are playing your part in the greater good, and driving impact through collective giving. We can’t wait to see what you do next year!