Media release: Can corporates double their impact for charities?

New technology can make it happen: Fundraising at Work

Media release 19 March 2018

The next evolution in corporate giving has been developed with the launch of a new integrated technology solution, Fundraising at Work.

This new solution is the result of a joint venture from Good2Give and GoFundraise. Fundraising at Work is the integration of Good2Give’s workplace giving platform – where around 20,000 people from across the Australian and New Zealand workforce regularly donate to charities, and support their work mates, direct from their pay – and GoFundraise’s peer-to-peer fundraising platform. As a result of this new technology solution, Good2Give and GoFundraise anticipate they can double the donations raised through corporate fundraising initiatives.

Fundraising at Work delivers what decision makers in corporate social responsibility have referred to as the ‘Holy Grail’ in corporate giving – enabling companies to manage workplace giving and staff fundraising in one digital solution, and to match donations.

People will be able to get behind workplace charity-driven activities in the following ways:

  • Create a fundraising page and share it with colleagues and friends to ask for their support
  • Sponsor a colleague’s marathon, run, swim, cycle or hike
  • Donate to morning tea events that raise money for cancer or animal shelters
  • Contribute to baby shower, wedding or birthday collections that will go to charity, and pay tribute to the memory of colleagues who have passed away and nominated a charity of choice in lieu of flowers

Where companies have generous donation matching programs for employees, charities have the potential to double the money they receive.

Chief Executive Officer of Good2Give, Lisa Grinham, said the launch of Fundraising at Work is a gamechanger for the Australian not-for-profit sector, as charities are currently investing significant resources in managing multiple sources of corporate funding. Fundraising at Work centralises this process for charities and reduces the administration burden, and it provides low-cost income sources because generous businesses pay administration fees that enable 99 per cent of donations to go to charities.

“We hear so much about the need for social purpose organisations to innovate, to adapt, to collaborate, to work smarter not harder, and to deliver a positive impact so that we can come together to make the world a better place,” said Lisa Grinham. “This joint venture of Good2Give and GoFundraise marks the united efforts of a not-for-profit organisation and social purpose business collaborating on making existing technology work for the benefit of the charity sector at no extra cost.”

Fundraising at Work also provides businesses with the ability to manage what has always been a time and talent-intensive process in one place.

“Fundraising at Work is the next evolution in digitising charitable giving in the workplace and bringing business’ values, purpose and social responsibility commitments to life,” Lisa Grinham said. “This obviously benefits charities as a source of much-needed income, but it’s also about building the digital capacity of the sector to operate more efficiently and effectively – and this does that. It reduces administration, centralises corporate donations from both workplace giving and fundraising and brings new supporters to important causes.

“Charities are being asked to do more with less, so streamlined, digital and transparent income streams make a remarkable difference to how they operate and most importantly, their ability to fulfil their mission and serve the community and causes they stand for,” Grinham said.

In a workforce increasingly motivated to seek out purpose-driven ways for employees to connect with the values and community contributions of their employers, Fundraising at Work provides businesses with a central management tool for workplace giving activities and allows employees to manage and change donations, view company matching and monitor their salary deductions all in one place.

“The beauty of Fundraising at Work is the sheer ease of giving for fundraisers and donors, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Office of GoFundraise, Stuart Finlayson. “We know that 90 per cent of the 1,300 people we surveyed in the Australian workforce have supported a colleague’s fundraising efforts in the last 12 months. In fact, more than half back their mates at work more than three times a year, so the potential for this is tremendous.

“We also know that the average person’s fundraising page raises $800, and 70 per cent of companies match their employee donations – so we have the potential to double corporate giving through staff fundraising activities,” Finlayson said. “This brings the purpose that all businesses are eager to see embodied in their corporate culture come to life.

Notes to editors:

About Fundraising at Work:

Fundraising at Work is one-stop-shop technology solution that empowers the generosity of the Australian and New Zealand workforce so people can support the charities they care about by running, climbing, swimming, cycling, baking, eating, not eating and doing various things with their hair.

Fundraising at Work is a joint venture initiative of Good2Giveand GoFundraise that brings together two market-leading digital platforms to facilitate workplace giving donations, fundraising activities, and employee matching programs. Fundraising at Work maximises business support for community initiatives that contribute to making a positive social and environmental impact.

Charities are coming under increasing pressure to innovate, collaborate, adapt and find new ways to develop revenue and deliver a positive impact. This joint venture of Good2Give and GoFundraise marks the united efforts of a not-for-profit organisation and a social purpose business collaborating on making existing technology work for the benefit of the charity sector at no extra cost.

It was predicted that the new solution could increase the amount raised through a peer to peer fundraiser by 30%, with two new employees giving via workplace giving pre-tax.

So far on average 7 employees are donating to their co-workers fundraising page via workplace giving, resulting in a massive 85% increase in funds raised over purely credit card (post tax) donations. Once matched this would equate to a 170% increase in funds raised (assuming all corporate donations are matched).

If the overall fundraising is matched then this would result in a whopping 270% increase in funds raised.

About Good2Give:

Good2Give is a not-for-profit organisation with a mission to build a more giving society by inspiring and enabling businesses and people to support communities they care about. Founded in 2000, Good2Give has supported more than 150 businesses and their employees to give more than of $200 million to over 6,000 Australian and international communities. Good2Give provides technology, financial and advisory services to socially and environmentally responsible businesses.

About GoFundraise:

Since 2007 GoFundraise has worked closely over 2,300 charities to understand their needs and make raising funds through digital technology easier and lower cost. With GoFundraise, non-profits of all sizes can access the technology that traditionally only the largest organisations could afford by investing hundreds of thousands of dollars. We host, maintain and constantly develop this technology to ensure it is relevant and effective in a rapidly changing digital world.

About Lisa Grinham:

Lisa is regarded as one of the most respected experts in corporate community investment, business giving and corporate engagement strategy in Australia. She was appointed as CEO of Good2Give in 2012 and has transformed the organisation to be a digital innovator and integrated service provider for corporate social responsibility and foundation clients across Australia and New Zealand. Prior to taking the helm at Good2Give, Lisa worked in leadership roles in the commercial sector where she managed business and marketing strategy for 3M, Optus, Aussie Home Loans and IBM. Lisa is on the Board of Daystar Foundation and the International Women’s Forum (IWF) Australia.

About Stuart Finlayson:

Stuart is co-founder and CEO of GoFundraise, and is a social entrepreneur, passionate about technology and making a difference in the community. He believes that through the use of technology and innovation we can make giving easier, more powerful, and lower cost; make the world a better place.