Workplace Giving Industry Evaluation: An Update

It’s Workplace Giving Month and businesses around Australia are busily supporting this effective and efficient way to give. It’s timely, then, for me to reveal Good2Give’s annual analysis of in our Workplace Giving Industry Evaluation tool. You can explore the tool through our website – but here are the headlines. By Lisa Grinham.

Good2Give’s Workplace Giving Industry Evaluation tool provides a comprehensive snapshot of how companies are performing in their giving across industry, company size, gender, and company matching. We update this data quarterly. Our representative sample size of more than 100 Australian companies accounts for nearly 20 per cent of all donations made in Australia and is based on Good2Give’s clients’ engagement with workplace giving.

Industries leading the way

  • % of employees giving: Professional Services leads the way for this year’s round up with an average of 16 per cent of all employees giving throughout the year. The Property and Construction industry is a close second with 11 per cent of employees giving.
  • On matching – it’s a matter of good health and energy: 100 per cent of employees’ donations are matched by their companies in the Healthcare and Energy and Water industries, and the ICT space came in third at 89 per cent of funds matched. It’s worth nothing on this that company matching more than doubles the donation value made to the charity and triples the employee participation rate on average making it a critical incentive for employees to give.
  • Gender: more women (53%) give than men (47%) on average across all industries, which is interesting in light of pay differences frequently reported on in the media.
  • Monthly donations: the Energy & Water sector dips into their wallet for an average of $141 each month compared to Professional Services giving an average of $122 at the top end of the scale. Government holds the wooden spoon with an average monthly donation of just over $22 and second-to-last is retail and wholesale.

Which causes get the money?

Of the overall pool of funds distributed from Good2Give, and on the basis of the average of overall value of donations distributed per cause:

  • Overseas Aid and Development attracted the highest amount of contributions (26 per cent)
  • Children and Young People came in second (15 per cent), then Health and Wellbeing (13 per cent)
  • Indigenous and Arts and Culture each were the least supported, receiving one per cent of overall distribution.
  • Ageing is even less, with a fraction of a per cent.

Workplace giving is growing

In the last two years, Good2Give has seen an increase of more than 200 per cent in workplace giving donations through its platform, with a significant boost in the average annual employee donations – $600 per annum compared to the $200 national average.

In 2016, Good2Give recently surveyed 1,000 workplace givers – 86% said their company’s workplace giving program made then feel proud to work at their company and 94% want giving to be easy and they feel workplace giving is quick and easy.

Use our Workplace Giving Industry Evaluation Tool to benchmark your sector on giving.