Workplace Giving Industry Evaluation

Companies are constantly seeking better data to help benchmark their performance against their peers. Good2Give’s Workplace Giving Industry Evaluation tool provides a comprehensive snapshot of the market. Updated quarterly, companies can use this tool to assess their workplace giving program performance by industry, company size, gender, and company matching.

Good2Give uses client and donor data collected from the last 12 months across a broad representative sample size of more than 100 Australian companies – representing nearly 20 per cent of donations.


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Did you know?

Workplace giving is growing

The evidence is mounting and it is encouraging: workplace giving is building in value for companies, charities and donors alike.

Technology advancements are quickly evolving workplace giving from a clunky giving experience to one that’s sophisticated and optimised for user needs. Mobile phone functionality, social media integration, charity interactivity, giving flexibility and detailed reporting are making workplace giving more accessible.

In the last twelve months alone, Good2Give has seen a 60 per cent increase in workplace giving donations through its platform, with a significant boost in the average annual employee donations – $600 per annum compared to the $200 national average.

Employees want to give. The 2015 Millennial Impact Report found 48% of Millennials have donated to a giving campaign promoted by their employer. Good2Give recently surveyed 1,000 workplace givers – 86% said their company’s workplace giving program made then feel proud to work at their company and 94% want giving to be easy and they feel workplace giving is quick and easy.

Company matching triples donation value

Employees are far more generous when donations are matched ($51 versus $31). Company matching almost triples the donation value made to the charity ($89 to the charity versus $31).

Companies that match employee donations experience double the employee participation rate on average making it a critical incentive for employees to give. Recent research shows 78 per cent of workplace givers feel their company is “generous for matching their donations”. Over 85 per cent of survey respondents also felt this form of community engagement and generosity made their company a better place to work.


*Donation amounts are not industry specific

Causes that are trending

People give for different reasons. It might be a reaction to a natural disaster, a personal experience or belief. With Good2Give’s purpose-built Workplace Giving Platform, employees can give to their favourite charities directly from their pre-tax pay to the causes that matter to them.

‘Overseas Aid and Development’ is a popular cause area with almost 30 per cent of employees making regular donations. ‘Children and Young People’ and ‘Health and Wellbeing’ are also popular cause areas at 13 per cent.

Offering employees a broad choice of charities to give to is a key motivator for people to give.

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*By $ donations
**Trending causes are not industry specific