During the bushfire crisis, a media frenzy developed over how charities are spending the donations they received. Good2Give’s CEO, Lisa Grinham, was approached by various media outlets to address the issue as well as to explain what corporate Australia’s response had been.

Lisa provided insights into activities that companies were undertaking to support charities – from generous workplace giving and customer matching programs, to providing extended leave for employees impacted by the bushfires, to donating goods to communities in need.

Lisa reinforced the need to respect that many charities have decades of experience in dealing with disasters of this nature; they know that immediate funding must be delivered, but that funding is also required for the longer-term recovery and rebuilding efforts which will take years. She highlighted that the charity sector is highly regulated in Australia, which should also give people comfort in their giving.

Lisa also encouraged listeners to think about the medium to long-term bushfire relief assistance and to give a regular donation from their pay, whilst not forgetting those other important charities that they care for.

Follow the links below to listen to the interviews.

ABC Illawarra

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