Radio Interview | ABC North Coast NSW

Journalist: Elloise Farrow-Smith

Interview with: Lisa Grinham, CEO, Good2Give

Program: Breakfast

Aired: 30 Jan


Lisa states that there are charities focused on immediate disaster relief and are on the ground distributing the money, while other charities take a long-term plan involved in recovery and rebuilding of communities.

Lisa notes that the ACCC has contacted some of their clients to make sure fundraisers are legitimate and companies working with Good2Give. She states Good2Give work with corporate businesses in terms of workplace giving and distributing money to communities in need. She states Good2Give also works with companies to see where their skills can be used for more value. She encourages people to think about the medium to long-term help and to give a regular donation from their pay.

Excerpts from the interview:


The not-for-profit charity Good2Give says one in two people in Australia are donating money to charities involved in bushfire relief. Businesses are getting employees paid leave to volunteer, they’re matching staff donations, and there’s a lot of pro bono work going on, as well, to help communities rebuild.

Lisa Grinham

Every disaster emergency that happens in Australia, we see a huge spike in not only new donors coming to give, but those who regularly give to charities also dip their hands in their pockets and give extra money to disaster appeals.

Lisa Grinham

The important thing is that we’ve seen over many, many years of working in this space (and we’ve been working in this area since 2001) is that it tends to be extra money that actually goes out to the disaster appeal. So, people keep up with their regular giving, so they’re still supporting the causes that they care about, whether that be children experiencing disadvantage or medical research. So, that’s really an important point to know, too, that the other charities that are out there that aren’t working in disasters they still need that ongoing support, as well.