DGR Item 1 charities invited to apply for Giving Circle at Work funding

In May 2019, you may have read about Good2Give’s partnership with Westpac Group to conduct a trial to test collective giving in the workplace. This initiative, referred to as ‘Giving Circles at Work’ is the first time an employee-led Giving Circle has been run in the Australian workplace. This trial will determine the potential and effectiveness of collective giving in the workplace as a corporate philanthropy model.

Westpac Group Impact Giving Circles are now seeking Expressions of Interest (EOI) from DGR Item 1 charities to apply for the funding, in the following areas:

  • Education for Indigenous People
  • Kids in Need
  • Refugees in Australia

Please note, only DGR Item 1 charities are eligible to apply.

You are invited to review the charity selection criteria that has been set by each Giving Circle, read the Charity Application Guidelines and submit an EOI, as the first stage of applying for the funding, by following this link. If eligible, please submit this by 5pm on Friday 15 November 2019.

If you have any questions, having read the Charity Application Guidelines, please email givingcircles@good2give.ngo with ‘Giving Circles EOI’ in the subject line.

Apply now