Find Christmas charities in Australia to support

The Christmas period is a chance to spoil loved ones, however, not everyone is experiencing the same joy of the festive season. This year you can give the gift of love by finding Christmas charities in Australia to support.

Whether you donate to charities using Good2Give’s Workplace Giving Platform or you have a charitable foundation managed by Good2Give, we can assist you to give to charities you care about. We have selected a few charities out of the 2500 charities listed on our platform to help make your decision easier. Remember to donate using the Good2Give Workplace Giving Platform to be eligible for employer fund matching.

Christmas charities for children

This year, more Australians will be facing unemployment and underemployment. As a result, fulfilling a child’s Christmas list is not something everyone can do, especially in low-income families. You can help put a smile on a child’s face this festive season by supporting one of these children’s charities;

  • Barnardos Australia runs a “Gifts for Kids” program that delivers Christmas presents to children who have experienced abuse, neglect, poverty and homelessness. A donation will help bring joy this Christmas.
  • Make-A-Wish is a world-renowned children’s charity and also one of Australia’s most trusted charities. You can help to grant life-changing wishes to children with critical illnesses this Christmas.
  • The Smith Family runs their annual Toy and Book Appeal to help bring smiles to disadvantaged children this Christmas. A donation will help children make the most out of their education.

Christmas charities for homeless

The festive season can be a hard time for people experiencing homelessness. Homelessness can be a result of family breakdown and poverty meaning these people may be unable to see family and may not have a warm meal to eat. This Christmas you can give a little bit of joy to a vulnerable group by supporting;

  • Two Good Co. delivers food and lifestyle products to domestic violence survivors and homeless shelters throughout Australia.
  • Mission Australia provides nationwide services to disadvantaged children and families, helping them find affordable housing, assisting with illnesses and much more.
  • Salvation Army runs a ‘Wishes’ appeal where you can select specific gifts for children, the homeless, domestic violence sufferers, and much more.
  • Vinnies your donation these holidays can help provide grocery hampers, toiletries and housing to those who need it most.

Christmas charities for elderly

The reality for elderly people is that some of them will be spending the festive season alone. Just by being a friend or supporting a charity that provides assistance to the elderly, you can help reduce the feeling of loneliness at this time of the year;

  • Magic Moments – Grandies Program was established by Magic Moments focuses on providing support for elderly grandparents who do not have family nearby to support them, whether they are at home or in a nursing home.

Christmas charities for animals

Animals can often be used as a Christmas present and then neglected when the shine of a new toy fades away. You can support the shelters that work to save these animals, a few suggestions are;

  • RSPCA cares for animals in need and influences animal welfare policy across Australia. You can become a Guardian Angel to some of the many animals that are unwanted and neglected this Christmas just by making a donation.
  • Pets of the Homeless supplies pet food to pet owners experiencing homelessness, bringing much-needed cheer to the people and animals that need it the most.

Wrap up the year with a gift that keeps on giving. By donating on behalf of someone else this festive season, you can give more than one person a happy holiday.

Donate through the Good2Give Workplace Giving Platform to make use of any potential corporate fund matching or if you would like to make a donation through a foundation account, contact us at and we will process it for you. If you’ve made a donation or a pledge on behalf of someone else you can choose from our selection of charity cards to send to your recipient.

Frequently asked questions

How to help charities at Christmas?

Donating to charity during the Christmas period is one of the best ways you can help. Charities need money to operate and during Christmas, their services are more in demand than ever. Your donation will be highly valuable this festive season.

How to donate to charity for Christmas?

Sign in to the Good2Give Workplace Giving Platform and select the charities panel in the top navigation bar. Search for a charity by using the search bar, select a cause area or choose from one of the charities stated in this blog post. Add the charity to your giving and select the donation amount. The donation will be processed with your next pay cycle.

What can I do for charity this Christmas?

You are not limited to donating money, this festive season you can give your time through skilled volunteering and pool together resources by creating a fundraising page. It’s time to get creative and give, your generosity will never go astray!