New Grant for Health Innovation: The Medtronic Foundation

The Medtronic Foundation, in partnership with CAF America, has announced grant applications are open globally for organisations testing innovative and sustainable solutions to improve healthcare delivery efficiency, and improve outcomes, for underserved communities. Successful applicants will receive a one time, one-year grant for US$50,000 – US$100,000, and will participate in a global learning collaborative facilitated by the Medtronic Foundation. Up to 10 grants will be awarded.

The grant initiative has been launched in acknowledgement of the gap in resources needed to meet the demand for healthcare in underserved communities – especially for chronic conditions and noncommunicable diseases. Inspired by considering solutions from other sectors, The Medtronic Foundation is eager to learn if proven efficiency solutions from other sectors (i.e. agriculture, education, technology, etc.) can be applied in health. Building on their firm belief that multisectoral approaches in health tend to generate performance, they look forward to engaging with their partners through a learning collaborative around how existing resources can be better used to improve health outcomes for all.

Good2Give is a member of the CAF Global Alliance, which spans six continents and harnesses local knowledge and expertise to support sustainable giving around the world.


The Medtronic Foundation is looking to grant funds to organisations demonstrating they are able to, or are currently, developing and deploying health resources more efficiently. The foundation is calling for organisations to submit project ideas to test or scale innovative solutions that can improve the efficiency of healthcare delivery by reducing barriers and addressing gaps in distance, time or workforce capacity, while positioned to demonstrable health outcomes for underserved populations ideally for noncommunicable diseases. This is not limited to health organisations – The Medtronic Foundation is also considering solutions from other sectors that can be adapted in a healthcare context, including: agriculture, education and technology.

Applicants need to have the following qualities:

  • Health organisations interested in piloting or scaling efficiency ideas or non-health organisations, including but not limited to: agriculture, technology, education – with proven efficiency solutions to be translated into health.
  • Organisations of any type, including for-profit, not-for-profit, social venture, university.
  • Organisations located in any geography with a clear focus on underserved populations.

Selection process

Grant applicants can be submitted here until 14 June 2018. Project selection will take place in August 2018.

Full proposal details can be found here Additional questions regarding this opportunity, or on how to apply, can be directed to