Four steps to reach your giving goals

Setting giving goals for 2017 is one thing. Reaching them can be another.

When it comes to donating, we can quickly feel like we’re alone in our efforts. And when the unexpected bill pops up, it can be hard to remember just how important our contribution is.

Creating a giving profile with your company’s workplace giving program is a great way to set targets, follow your impact and feel engaged with your giving throughout the whole year.

Here are four simple steps that will help you keep heart and reach charitable impact!

1) Check your history

Setup a workplace giving profile with your company and follow the links to My Giving History. As an ongoing donor, you can see what you donated in 2016 and who to. This will create your benchmark going forward.

2) Set your goals

Keep your targets achievable! To keep motivated, make your donations automatic and increase these every quarter by 3% so that by the end of the year you’ve made a 12% increase.

Also, make sure you can afford this support. Use our Workplace Giving Tax Calculator to know exactly how much will be deducted from your salary, and also, what you’ll be saving in tax right away.

3) Share your impact

It’s important to follow your progress and share the impact every few months. It’s as simple as logging in every quarter to see your see just how much you’ve donated and hear news from your charities of choice.

Here you can also see what’s been matched by your employer, how much your colleagues have collectively contributed to charities throughout the year.

Be proud of your donations and the work of your chosen charities. The social media sharing tools make it easy to share this important work and build a support network to help you achieve your giving goals.

4) Be in control

And when unexpected costs pop-up, don’t be afraid to adjust you donations. Sign in to see when your company’s next pay-roll cut off is and be prepared to amend your contribution. You can always get back on track the following month!

Remember all donations, no matter how small, make a difference. So set your targets, get the tools in place and build your impact today.