Welcome by David Mann

For those I have not yet met, allow me to introduce myself; David Mann. I started as the CEO for Good2Give on 15th of November so I’ve been in post for only a few weeks, but it has been an eventful start. Just yesterday, Good2Give signed a merger with Workplace Giving Australia.

This is an exciting development for both organisations. It will allow us to join forces for even greater impact in the sector. The complementarity between the businesses makes the merger powerful. By working together and using the combined skills, capabilities and talent we can deliver strong growth in giving for Australia and New Zealand.

There is significant untapped opportunity to have more organisations and donors participating in workplace giving. Today, there are 16 million working people in Australia and New Zealand, but only just over 220,000 of those are currently giving. That gives you a sense of the scale of the opportunity. I would very much like to see this involvement increase to at least 1 million donors in the near term with a clear runway over time to increasing that to 3-4 million, or even more.

If we can achieve this, it will in turn allow the charities or community groups supported to focus on what they do best; getting much needed funding where it will do the most good. I’m looking forward to leading the combined business to achieve this.

David Mann

Chief Executive Officer