Virtually Together, bringing skills of volunteers together with charities

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic we are supporting Communiteer’s Virtually Together campaign which is running for 6 months from May to November 2020. This campaign uses digital technology to tackle isolation.

In our experience, two things usually happen during a crisis, and this pandemic has really heightened these issues:

  1. People become isolated, and those already isolated are more so;
  2. Charities become overwhelmed by the disruption, affecting the delivery of vital services.

The campaign is helping to bring the skills of volunteers together with charities that are on the frontline dealing with those who are increasingly isolated at this time of social distancing and travel restrictions.  This includes people in aged care facilities, people with disabilities, migrants and refugees and those with mental health issues.

Features and Benefits

  • Virtually Together enables businesses and individuals to make a difference today, to create a positive and lasting impact
  • Businesses can engage and support staff to virtually volunteer for the charities they care about
  • Businesses can increase impact with existing CSR resources
  • Regular online events will be run to educate, share stories and collaborate
  • Charities will be able to raise awareness, gain new support and stay connected with supporters.

This social movement will drive social connectedness.

You can find out more about the Virtually Together campaign in the flyers below.

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