Good2Give is Mastercard’s giving technology partner at the Australian Open 2018

Mastercard has teamed up with Good2Give to deliver a serve on world hunger at the Australian Open for 2018. In partnership with Mastercard and the World Food Programme, Good2Give was named as the giving technology partner to support promotion of the Be a Hunger Hero initiative at the Grand Slam tennis tournament hosted in Melbourne.

Since 2012, Mastercard and the World Food Programme have been working together since 2012 to deliver innovative solutions for food assistance around the world. The Zero Hunger partnership connects Mastercard’s expertise in technology and payment systems with WFP’s work in communities of greatest need around the world, and has helped feed more than 17 million people so far. Zero Hunger is one of the Sustainable Development Goals. Mastercard was the official payment partner of 2018 Australian Open – traditionally known as the ‘Happy Slam’ tennis tournament – held in Melbourne, Australia, from 15 – 28 January 2018. The Grand Slam sporting event attracts hundreds of thousands of spectators to Melbourne Park every year, with millions watching and listening around the world.

Mastercard promoted their Zero Hunger program at the Australian Open with tap and donate screens located at the Melbourne Park entrance and in the Mastercard Beach Club zone. Children attending the Australian Open were also invited to create a plate and be a Hunger Hero for $5. Donations made by Mastercard customers were processed and distributed to the World Food Programme through Good2Give.