Beirut explosion | How you can help

The explosion in Beirut has been devastating, our deepest sympathies go out to the people of Beirut who have been injured, lost loved ones and had their livelihoods destroyed.

Ensuring your donations go towards supporting the people of Beirut and rebuilding important infrastructure is vital. Charities who specialise in providing crisis relief and have set up Beirut Appeals are best placed to know where funding is needed.

You can donate to any of these charities by following the steps under How can I help?

Beirut appeals

  • CARE Australia (Crisis – Beirut Explosion Appeal)
  • Australian Red Cross (Crisis – Beirut Explosion Appeal)
  • UNICEF Australia (Crisis – Lebanon Emergency)
  • Muslim Aid Australia Overseas Aid Fund
  • Human Appeal International Australia

How can I help?

Do you have access to the Good2Give Workplace Giving Platform?

Does your company have a workplace giving program?

Do you have a company appeal set up?

Do you have a foundation account?

If none of the above, call us on +61 2 9929 9633

Donate through Good2Give Workplace Giving

Donate today by following these simple steps:

  1. Sign In to the Good2Give Workplace Giving Platform
  2. Check if your company has set up a charity appeal and make a donation
  3. If you can’t see a charity appeal, then click on the Charities Tab
  4. In the search bar enter Beirut
  5. Choose a charity (or charities) and donate.

Donate through your company’s workplace giving program

Check with your company to see if they have set up a company workplace giving appeal. If not, donate to the stated charities through workplace giving. Please reference Beirut next to your chosen charity (or charities) name.

Setting up a Company Appeal

We encourage you to set up your own company appeal on Good2Give’s Workplace Giving Platform so your employees can collectively support Australian communities.

You can find out more information on how to create an appeal here.

Make a donation from your Good2Give Foundation Account

You can utilise the balance of funds in your Good2Give Foundation or Trust Account to support the Beirut explosion.

If you would like us to make a donation on your behalf please follow the instructions on how to grant a payout from a foundation/trust account support article.