How to write a regular update for donors

Uploading a regular update for donors on the Good2Give Workplace Giving Platform is important when encouraging repeat donations. In order to improve your relationship with donors, you need to be transparent about where their donation is going and the specific population who will benefit. By uploading information about your current charity projects, you can start building trust.

It is important to note that there are two different ways you can communicate to donors through the Good2Give Workplace Giving Platform;

  1. Thank you message: is only sent one time – when a donor makes their first pledge. While Good2Give has set a default thank you message, creating a branded thank you message will help to grow your relationship with your corporate donors.
  2. Regular updates: are sent as frequently as you upload them, we recommend uploading a new update once a month.

We have compiled some tips to help you maximise the impact of your regular update.

Current charity project

Tell donors the good news about what their donation made possible. By including a short summary of your current charity project, you will increase transparency and start to build trust with your donors. When writing about your charity project, try to put the extent of the crisis first followed by what your organization is doing to aid this.

Not sure how to write this? Check out Oxfam’s social media post below to see how they briefly summarised one of their charity projects;

Devastating floods hit Timor-leste and parts of Indonesia this week, killing at least 70 people. In Dili, over 10,000…

Posted by Oxfam on Wednesday, 7 April 2021


Share a personal story

We came across an excellent Ted Talk by Happiness Researcher, Elizabeth Dunn explaining how the benefits of giving spikes when people feel a real sense of connection to those they are helping. During the talk, Elizabeth Dunn advises that the biggest reward a donor can receive for contributing is the opportunity to see the specific impact their generosity is having.

In your regular update for donors, try to include a personal story from the population benefitting from your charity’s aid. If privacy allows, a picture of the individual will help the reader to connect with the story. Make sure to start with a personal quote to gain interest followed by more information about the situation and the role your charity played.

The Smith Family regularly posts about the lives benefiting from their charitable work, check out the post below for ideas on how to word your personal story;

“My mother wasn’t well and my father abandoned me, so that’s why I came to live with Nan. She had to leave the job she…

Posted by The Smith Family on Tuesday, 6 April 2021


Donor highlights

Recognising your top donors can lead to an increase in charitable giving and create advocates for your brand. Taking the time to acknowledge the people helping your organization, whether they be a volunteer, corporate or a donor can rapidly improve your relationship.

The Salvation Army are professionals at saying thank you, check out how they created a corporate thank you message that also engaged individual donors;

On behalf of the Salvos, we want to say thank you to MYER and all of their shoppers for their support throughout…

Posted by The Salvation Army Australia on Tuesday, 26 January 2021


Ways to engage

Give your readers something to engage with. There are many things you can include:

  • Wishlist items: What does your charity need? You can list specific items you need, fundraising goals, volunteering opportunities and much more.
  • Volunteering Info: This is the perfect place to advertise your skilled volunteering opportunities as your corporate donors have professional skills and have already shown an interest in your organisation.
  • Events: Do you have any charity or community events you would like to promote?
  • Contact info: Create a two-way conversation with donors by asking them to contact you. With their permission, you can share their philanthropic stories on your regular updates and on social media.

Using Canva to create a professional PDF

On our workplace giving platform, you can upload a PDF of your charity newsletter to help build your relationship with corporate donors. Creating a high-quality PDF is made easy using Canva. Canva gives not-for-profits access to their ‘Pro’ version for free, all you have to do is make sure you meet Canva’s eligibility requirements and apply. We have created a few templates for your thank you messages and regular updates to make it even easier for you to start designing. Check out our instructions on how to use Canva.

More tips:

  • Keep it short! Most readers will spend less than 1 minute looking through your regular update
  • Train your donors to think that your charity’s regular updates are high quality by only posting updates that are worth reading
  • Create predictable content so your recipients know what to expect
  • Write great headlines
  • If you don’t have any images, use images from creative commons including iStock (paid), Pexels and Unsplash