Thanking donors for workplace giving

Thanking donors for supporting your charity has the potential to turn them into regular donors. The Good2Give Workplace Giving Platform automatically sends a PDF to donors as soon as they make a pledge to your charity. By crafting a high quality thank you message, you can encourage repeat donations.

1. Thank your donors without asking for more money

Thanking donors is easy, all you need to say is ‘thank you’. Try to be sincere in your message and really show your appreciation. When thanking your donors, make sure you don’t ask for more money.

Thank you so much for donating to _Charity A_. We really appreciate your donation.

2. Tell the donor where their money is going

By telling donors where their donation is going and who their donation will be benefiting, you will start building trust. Be relatively generic with this message as a thank you message only sends the first time a donor donates. Try using your mission statement, as this goal is something that won’t change. You can provide more details about current charity projects through Regular Updates.

Your donation is contributing towards our goal of helping _vulnerable population_ to _mission statement_.

3. Ask your donors to contact you

Building a relationship online is the same as building a relationship in real life. Have discussions with your donors, after all, they are giving you money for no physical good or service. Having a two-way conversation with your donors is excellent for increasing donor retention. To separate these messages, try creating a different email inbox specifically for your donor relationships.

We would love to get to know you! Tell us why you chose our charity at _email_@_email

4. Use an emotive image

It is important to connect with donors on an emotional level. Using images of the vulnerable population benefitting can connect with donors on an emotional level and can aid the decision-making process to donate again. Try to select positive photos rather than distressed ones, the aim is to make donors feel like they have made someone smile.

Qualities to look for in an image:

  • Bright colours
  • Eye contact
  • Positive feeling

Use original content

If you don’t have any photos of your charity, make sure you use creative commons for copyright-free photos. Sources of copyright-free photos include:

Correct example of a thanking donors image

5. Make it look professional

Creating a high-quality PDF is made easy using Canva. Canva gives not-for-profits access to their ‘Pro’ version for free, all you have to do is make sure you meet Canva’s eligibility requirements and apply.

We have created a few templates for your thank you messages and regular updates to make it even easier for you to start designing. Check out our instructions on how to use Canva.