Realising the power of gift matching

Westpac’s vision is ‘To be one of the world’s great service companies, helping our customers, communities and people to prosper and grow,’ and it focuses on three key areas:

  • Helping people by being there when it matters most to them;
  • Helping the nation to prosper and grow; and
  • Helping their people support the communities in which they live and work.

It works to achieve these by having focused programs, such as community partnerships, aimed at solving systemic social issues. It also offers a philanthropic Matching Gifts program; a community support program that was the first of its kind among Australian banks.

Realising the power of gift matching

Under the Matching Gifts program, Westpac employees make donations outside of payroll giving to charities and causes that they care about. Westpac matches those employee donations, dollar for dollar, enabling the charities to receive double the amount of the initial donation. Westpac matches donations up to $10,000 for each employee, each year. It also provides unlimited matching for team donations. In 2017, Westpac matched over $320,000 in employee donations to one team event!

Over the 20 years that the program has been running, Westpac and its employees have collectively donated $60 million to over 2000 Australian charities.

“At Westpac Group, our program is about our people. That’s why we dollar match the donations they make to the charities and causes important to them,” said Danielle Sebbens, Senior Manager, Community Programs at Westpac Group.

“Because we are a large organisation we can have a large impact for greater good. Our charities often tell us they couldn’t do what they do for their communities without business giving programs like ours.

Knowing that Westpac and our employees are helping charities deliver new or existing services into Australian communities really demonstrates the power of philanthropic giving programs,” said Danielle.

Partnering with Good2Give

In 2016, Westpac teamed up with Good2Give to make it even easier for their employees to support the charities they care about and for the organisation to manage the giving process. With over 50% of Westpac employees participating in the Matching Gifts program, managing the back end of the process was a significant undertaking.

“We have over 20,000 participants in our Matching Gifts program annually, with over $5.6 million donated to around 700 charities each year. Without Good2Give we’d be spending the majority of our days in administration. They have helped us to streamline the process, and have the right technology to help us with reporting and ensuring charity due diligence. By using Good2Give’s Workplace Giving Platform my role is much less administrative and I am able to focus more broadly on how we can help in the community,” said Danielle. As well as managing Westpac’s payroll giving, Good2Give also worked with the team throughout 2017/18 to find new ways to support them with administering the post-tax donation side of their Matching Gifts program.

“Through our partnership we’ve been able to build out this solution and solve many of our administration challenges. That’s one of the great qualities of the Good2Give team; their ability to listen to their clients and their preparedness to innovate their solution to meet client needs,” said Danielle.

Danielle believes that streamlined processes are one of the key benefits of working with Good2Give.
“Before we partnered with Good2Give, charities were receiving Westpac’s charitable donations from multiple points within our organisation. Now they receive it from a single source and have a historical view of all Westpac Group’s donations. Our employees also now have a clear understanding of when their donations have been matched, and can also see a historical view of all their matched donations,” she said.

Danielle says it’s the improved experience of their program that has been the most valuable change.
“We’ve had a great experience since moving to Good2Give. We’re now able to process donations faster and provide more information to our employees and charities. Most importantly, we’ve been able to create a significantly improved employee and charity experience of our Matching Gifts program,” she said.

Broadening the impact of giving

In the next year, Westpac will be looking at how they continue to grow participation and better understand the impact of the program on their employees, charities and the broader Australian community.

“We know we have helped our employees connect to the charities and causes important to them and have helped 2000-plus charities deliver services to the Australian community. However, there’s still a lot to learn about our impact and how we can collectively make an even greater impact in the community,” said Danielle.

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