PwC Bushfire Appeal

In response to the unprecedented bushfire crisis, PwC donated over $1M overall

PwC Australia raised over $400,000 for bushfire relief charities – this is the impact their donations are making

At the beginning of the year and in response to the unprecedented bushfire crisis, PwC donated over $1M overall.

PwC set up their Workplace Giving program to enable all staff to donate to six key charities managing bushfire-related responses.

The Workplace Giving program ran from 01 Jan 2020 until 30 Mar 2020 and raised over $400K in employee contributions and matched giving.

Rosalie Wilkie, Social Impact leader at PwC Australia and Chair of the PwC Foundation Trust, says:

‘I am deeply moved by PwC’s collective contribution to our nation’s recent bushfire crisis. Through generous individual donations by our people, donations from other PwC firms around the world, uncapped dollar-for-dollar matching by PwC Australia and donations from the PwC Foundation Trust more than $1.08 million was raised. PwC people also gave their time as volunteer firefighters, army reservists, helped rural communities with fence repairs and clean up activities, sewed fabric pouches for wildlife, led community bake sales and provided pro bono support for charities, government and local businesses. At a time of national crisis, PwC’s spirit and community commitment was unwavering.’

The following case studies demonstrate where support has been provided.

Australian Red Cross received $106,362 from PwC

‘PwC’s generous contribution has assisted the Red Cross to provide emergency grants as well as ongoing support to communities affected by the devastating bushfires.’


  • During January to March 2020, more than 27,500 people received support from Red Cross
  • 1,800 volunteers were part of the response
  • 44,800 people were registered through the ‘Register. Find. Reunite’ service

The generous contribution of PwC and their employees could have supported the equivalent of:

*Donations to the Red Cross Disaster Relief and Recovery Fund are pooled and they are unable to provide details of exactly how individual contributions have or will be utilised. 

St Vincent de Paul NSW received $48,417 from PwC

‘Our presence embedded in communities across the fire-devastated areas meant that Vinnies was often the first to render assistance immediately after the destruction.

Many of our volunteer members live and work in the affected communities. They were on the ground to support their neighbours and start providing a hand up to those in need. The generous donations of Vinnies supporters enabled them to play that vital role.

In the particularly hard-hit South Coast region of NSW, approximately $6.6 million has been distributed to date.’

St Vincent de Paul VIC received $31,777 from PwC

PwC’s support has helped Vinnies in Bairnsdale provide vouchers to help fire-affected families – but they make sure the vouchers are to be spent at local shops, such as a shoe store, a cafe and the butchers to help fire-hit businesses get back on their feet too.

Jan Lee, business owner of AJ Footwear in Bairnsdale, said:

‘I thought it was a great initiative because not only does it help the families involved to buy school shoes, but it helps us too. Local businesses really appreciate Vinnies supporting us to keep money moving round the area. It’s a big help for independent businesses like mine.”

‘We’ve had several families come in with the vouchers and it’s a pleasure to help them out at this time. It’s very important that the children who have been affected so badly are able to get all the proper clothing and footwear for school. They’ve been traumatised enough and don’t need to be singled out for not having the same things as everyone else. It helps to normalise life again for them.’

The Salvation Army received $74,834 from PwC

‘The Salvation Army is very grateful for the broad ranging support that we have received from the Australian community to assist us in providing support to those affected by the devastating bushfires of last summer. To PwC and your amazing staff we would like to add a very personal note of appreciation as the significant funds you raised have allowed us to literally transform the lives of your fellow Australians during a time when it was just so needed. From our initial emergency response, through recovery and ultimately through the rebuilding phase for these communities, the funds you have provided will see hope delivered where and when its needed most. Allowing the Salvos to ensure that no one is left in need. Thank you.’


  • Over 3,000 Salvos worked around the clock, providing more than 250,000 meals to first responders and evacuees
  • Volunteers provided support at over 290 locations, including evacuation, relief and recovery centres

Wildlife Victoria received $47,266 from PwC

‘Workplace giving support from PwC’s staff and partners changed what we could do.  Instead of having to spend our time begging for money, we could spend all of our time feeding wildlife, and teaching other people how to feed wildlife, exponentially increasing how much food we could get out there.’

‘Thank you for caring, for acting, for helping to make a lifesaving difference to our precious wildlife.’


  • By conservative estimates, at least a billion of our unique Australian animals perished. Many of them were critically endangered species that may never fully recover.
  • In Victoria alone, more than 1.5 million hectares were destroyed, mostly forest.

WIRES received $94,482 from PwC

‘It is the ongoing support of organisations like PwC that is enabling WIRES to increase resources to help more animals and enables WIRES to partner on major projects to support species preservation and the long-term recovery of wildlife habitats.’


  • During January to March 2020, WIRES received over 86,000 calls
  • WIRES volunteers accepted over 9,500 rescues