Tripling employee impact creates workplace giving uplift

Pinnacle Investment Management Group Limited (Pinnacle) is a leading Australian-based multi-affiliate investment management firm (ASX: PNI). Pinnacle is a “house of boutiques” which provides affiliated fund managers with the distribution, infrastructure and other support services they need.

Pinnacle has a strong belief in the role of corporate Australia’s responsibility to give back to the communities from which businesses draw support and inspiration. The company and its affiliated fund managers actively seek to engage in community investment initiatives, the majority of which are directed through the Pinnacle Charitable Foundation (Foundation).

The Foundation has a continuous 30-year legacy of giving to innovative organisations, through offering funds, time, advice and access to networks. The collective aim is to help charity partners expand on their services, explore new programs, develop products and ultimately deliver impact across communities.

Pinnacle employees, together with employees from a number of affiliates, are able to choose to support the Foundation’s important work through the Good2Give Workplace Giving Platform. Additionally, they have the opportunity to boost their contributions through the companies’ gift matching program, meaning even more support goes to those who need it.

Tripling Employee Impact Creates Workplace Giving Uplift

In May 2018, Pinnacle and the Foundation launched an appeal designed to encourage employees across the entire Group to participate in a special workplace giving initiative. Pinnacle offered to triple the value of any pre-tax salary contributions that employees across Pinnacle and all affiliates made through the Workplace Giving Platform in support of the Foundation, up to the value of $250 per person, for the entire month. The appeal was set up on Pinnacle’s Workplace Giving account by Good2Give, and then promoted to employees across the Group via an email communications campaign led by Pinnacle’s Managing Director. The special appeal sat alongside the existing workplace giving program, meaning that regular giving was not affected and it was easy for employees to take part – regardless of whether or not they were already registered for workplace giving.

The initiative achieved several positive impacts.

“The appeal really helped to raise awareness of the Foundation and its charity partnerships across the group,” said Mary Jung, Community Investment Manager at Pinnacle.

“It was also great promotion for our workplace giving program – how it works, its benefits and security features. One of our affiliates which has not participated to date has committed to introducing workplace giving in the new year, with interest also shown from another two,” she said.

At the conclusion of the campaign, over $9,000 had been generated in workplace giving donations for the Foundation.

“These funds will be distributed to three inspiring charities which are current partners of the Foundation; R U OK?, batyr Australia and ReachOut Australia. With suicide being the leading cause of death for those under the age of 45, the Foundation is assisting these organisations which are working on the frontline of mental ill health prevention and early intervention.

Boosting Foundation Partnerships

Collaboration is key to Pinnacle’s giving. The Foundation’s charity partnerships are often jointly funded by affiliates, which ensures their engagement in the Foundation’s activities are incredibly important.

This campaign allowed Pinnacle to actively demonstrate strong collaboration with affiliates in supporting the community, and resulted in another two affiliates seeking to introduce new strategic partnerships together with the Foundation. A fantastic result for all involved and for the community.

Celebrating Employee Impact

Pinnacle knows the importance of helping employees to feel connected to the Foundation and the causes it supports, and ensured those who participated were acknowledged for playing their part in making a positive impact through the Foundation. A special thank you email was sent from the Managing Director, and one from the Foundation Manager.

“On top of providing all-important donations, this initiative allowed us to celebrate Pinnacle’s support for the community – together with our affiliates and employees across the Group. We were also able to demonstrate Pinnacle’s commitment to actively promoting and directly funding the Foundation, as a critical conduit for effective and strategic giving” said Mary.

“Good2Give was very helpful in setting up our Workplace Giving appeal and processing donations.

This is definitely an initiative that Pinnacle will look to implement again next May.”

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