MYOB and Smiling Mind

Managing the mental health of employees as well as financial health of a business is critical for success.

Helping businesses succeed is at the heart of why MYOB exists and managing the mental health of employees as well as financial health of a business is critical for success.

Mental illness costs Australian and New Zealand businesses billions of dollars each year and MYOB was exploring how they could contribute meaningfully to society, and determined it was important for them to work in the preventive mental health space to help build resilience among small business owners.

Good2Give supported MYOB in their community partnership selection process. The outcome was a great fit for MYOB and Smiling Mind to help make a real difference for the small business community. The partnership includes monetary support through workplace giving, office fundraising, customer donations, as well as in-kind support through MYOB PR, product and staff volunteering time.

Together MYOB and Smiling Mind have created a strong and ongoing charitable partnership and are finding ways to enhance the wellbeing and performance of small businesses across Australia and New Zealand.

Lauren Trethowan, Head of Organisational Development and Learning (ANZ), at MYOB says:

“We’re excited to have recently entered into a Small Business partnership with Smiling Mind so that we can ensure our SME customers have access to tools and meditations specific to their needs”.

With closely aligned missions of ‘helping businesses succeed’ and ‘helping every mind thrive’, MYOB share in Smiling Mind’s ambitious endeavour to increase the awareness of mental wellbeing, especially amongst Australian and New Zealand small business owners.

Smiling Mind, the mindfulness resource

Smiling Mind is not just one of Australia’s most popular mindfulness apps, it is the not-for-profit that is helping make future generations happier and healthier through the practice of mindfulness meditation. They are aiming to reach 5 million young people by 2021 with their various tools and resources.

Half of all mental illness has its onset by the age of 12. Furthermore, 1 in 7 Australian primary and 1 in 4 secondary students suffer from a mental illness every year. Smiling Mind’s evidence-based, award winning school program aims to reverse these trends. Combining mindfulness training, resources and teaching tools to make mindfulness a seamless inclusion in any classroom, it is already utilised by over 165,000 teachers and 4.8 million young people across Australia.

They also ensure mindfulness is accessible to as many adults as possible through their app, which offers over 400 free meditations and has so far helped over 4.7 million people.

Their premium workplace program is one of the world’s biggest with more than 50,000 employees at companies like IBM, CSL, Reece, EY, MYOB and Metro Trains getting the benefits.

What was once the dream of two passionate founders with a vision to support young people to develop the skills needed to support good mental health throughout their lifetime, is now a leading force globally in positive pre-emptive mental health care.

Follow Smiling Mind on their journey to help every mind thrive.

Smiling Mind’s response to COVID19

There have been exponential increases in people using the Smiling Mind app during COVID19. In response, the organisation created ‘Thrive Inside’ – an initiative to help people to stay calm and healthy in the physical constraints of their home, while also remaining calm and healthy inside their minds.

Smiling Mind curated a dedicated app program for the initiative, which can be found under the ‘adult programs’ section of the app. The hope of this program is to support people to remain inspired, stay connected and foster good mental habits during the crisis.