Findex Giving Week

Workplace giving campaign ideas that get results are worth sharing – as a result of their efforts, find out how Findex, an organisation with 2,500 people throughout Australia and New Zealand managed to double their employee participation in just one week. Findex is a provider of holistic integrated financial services with a dynamic workforce, Findex has a strong corporate culture of giving which brings their teams together with a common purpose.

Workplace Giving at Findex

Since launching the Good2Give Workplace Giving Platform in June 2018, Findex employee registrations have increased steadily. In 2019, they developed an event called ‘Findex Giving Week’ which now happens annually.  Using this event as a focus for their workplace giving program, they have achieved great results.  Not only has their fundraising been significant, but their employee engagement has increased to an impressive 51%.

Workplace Giving Campaign Ideas from Findex Giving Week 2019

In 2019 Good2Give helped create an appeal for Findex Giving Week. The appeal featured five charities matching their focus areas.  For one week, Findex double matched the donations made to the selected charities. As a result, over $30k was raised. This is especially impressive as only 15% of their staff participated in this short term appeal.

Workplace Giving Campaign Ideas for Findex Giving Week 2020

Taking on a new goal for 2020, Findex focused on increasing employee engagement. Aiming to increase platform registrations, Findex created new workplace giving campaign ideas;

What did they learn from 2019?

After surveying staff, they found those who didn’t donate during the 2019 Findex Giving Week;

  1. Said they had already made charitable contributions elsewhere
  2. Said the charities in the appeal didn’t resonate with them
  3. Of those who participated, many were very generous.

Allow donors to choose where their money goes

Instead of grouping a small number of charities into an appeal, Findex gave their staff more control, which was important for increasing engagement. By making donations to all charities on the Good2Give Workplace Giving Platform eligible for double-matching, donors were able to choose where their money went.

Create champions to motivate giving

With over 100 offices across Australia and New Zealand and 75% of those based regionally, Findex places a high importance on giving back to the communities they are connected to. A key way in which they do this is through their Findex Community Fund, of which the workplace gifting program forms part of.

To create engagement in the overall charitable footprint, they asked one staff member in each office to become a champion for the Findex Community Fund, which was instrumental in leading the engagement for Findex Giving Week. The champion’s role was to encourage other staff to participate. They were given two clear goals; a fundraising target of $10,000 and a participation goal of 1,000 donors.

workplace giving campaign - set goals

Ask for a small donation

Instead of double matching all donations, Findex double matched up to $10 per person. By asking for the smaller amount of $10, staff who hadn’t donated through workplace giving found it less daunting to start. This restriction was implemented to encourage participation from those who may not have participated in Findex Giving Week 2019, illustrate to staff that every dollar counts and also ensured that a capped ‘double matching’ amount didn’t exceed the budgeted amount.

Workplace giving campaign idea - double match donations for one week


These ideas combined to create a great outcome for Findex Giving Week 2020. Firstly, their donor participation doubled year on year, with a 13% increase in staff registrations on the Good2Give Workplace Giving Platform in just 3 months.  Secondly, and most importantly, they achieved their fundraising target of $10,000, with a combination of $10 donations and larger amounts. 

Workplace giving campaign idea - findex promotions

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I start planning my workplace giving campaign?

Start by thinking about your organisation’s focus areas and the communities that your employees are passionate about. Check out our case studies to see what other organisations have done and then get creative with our services.

How do I create a workplace giving campaign?

Reach out to your Client Relations Manager or Client Service Officer to start the conversation about how you can create a workplace giving campaign today. You can bring your own ideas or ask for suggestions.

How do I promote workplace giving?

Promoting workplace giving can be as simple as inviting employees to sign up on the platform. We have provided artwork you can download and promote in your emails, intranet and social platforms.