An end-to-end innovative ‘tap to donate’ solution teamed with a Good2Give Foundation Account which makes it easy to collect small donations securely.

Giving made easy

Tap2Give allows people to give money with the same ease and effectiveness as paying for a coffee. Traditionally, small change donations at fundraising events, such as morning teas, have been collected via collection boxes, but now there’s a shift towards donors preferring to donate via credit card. Tap2Give removes the problem of not having small change as donors can simple tap to donate. It is more convenient for donors and reduces the administrative burden of collecting and counting cash as well as eliminating the risk of theft.

Team up the tap to donate technology with a Good2Give Foundation Account and distributing funds raised to charity is made easy. Our versatile Foundation Accounts allow tax-deductible funds to be collected into one growing corpus and funds can then be distributed to multiple charities quickly and simply. What’s more, Good2Give looks after all the administrative aspects associated with a Foundation Account, including compliance and Government reporting, leaving you to concentrate on making a difference in your community.

Tap2Give is an end-to-end solution that opens new doors for donors to give in new and innovative ways, capturing those all important small donations. Every little bit helps!

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Features and benefits

Easy to donate and distribute

Not only is it easy to donate using preset configurable donation amounts on the terminal, but funds are also easy to distribute. Donations are paid into your Foundation Account within a few days and Good2Give will securely distribute funds swiftly. The process is very simple. It is also easy for donors to claim their tax deduction from their credit/debit card statement

More donations

User-friendly technology will attract donors and remove the barrier of ‘no spare change’. This makes it easy for donors to give using a credit card, particularly in high traffic areas, such as at events or the office foyer. Plus, the wireless connectivity means that wherever there is 3G network coverage and power you can accept donations.

Flexible and versatile

Foundation Accounts mean a range of different charities can be supported with just one terminal, giving you flexibility in your giving programs. In addition, with Good2Give’s solution you can accept tax deductible donations from staff, customers and supply chain, allowing you to truly maximize the impact for your community giving.

Save time and resources

Reduce the responsibilities of administration – not just in the time and effort of counting cash but also in the distribution of funds. Good2Give will take on everything from statutory compliance, auditing and financial reporting, investment management and more. Good2Give also provides all state fundraising licences.

Safe and secure

Not only does the electronic technology solution reduce the risk of cash theft with fully encrypted communications to the bank, but you can also rest assured that the money is secure within a Good2Give Foundation Account with tax benefits received.

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