Grants Management

Good2Give works with businesses to create a significant, meaningful and lasting social or environmental investment through employee-nominated and strategic community grants programs.

Adding a grants program to your community investment strategy?

Community grants are one of the key pillars of any social and community investment program for businesses wanting to make a difference through giving. A grant is a once-off payment made for a distinct purpose, and it creates a meaningful relationship between the investor and the grant recipient. The social impact is focused, specific and significant.

For companies, grants provide the ideal process to align giving initiatives with corporate values, corporate social responsibility objectives, and the causes and issues important to employees, customers and clients, suppliers and vendors, and charity partners.

For communities, grants inject much-needed financial investment that can be a gamechanger for a specific cause or social issue. Managing programs that are funded by grants also provides charities and community groups with the opportunity to report on specific goals, impact and outcomes and demonstrate their value to business partners and supporters.

Manage corporate grants programs with Good2Give

Good2Give provides strategic advice, program development, and end-to-end project management of business sponsored and employee-nominated grants.

We custom-build grants objectives, application review and assessment processes, and build the technology platform to support your specific grant program. Our in-house marketing communications specialists also develop tools and tactics for engagement and promotion including direct e-communications, social media and blog content.

With two decades of established experience in charity finance solutions, Good2Give’s rigorous recipient validation, due diligence and funds distribution services ensure grants are delivered safely, ethically and at low-cost.

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Features and benefits

Employee nominated grants

Good2Give can manage grants programs where employees are given the option to nominate who will receive the funds from their employer. This is an inspiring way to engage and represent teams across professions, locations and interest areas, and bring the diversity of a company’s workforce to life. Recipients of employee-nominated grants can be charities, individuals and community groups.

Company grants

Socially and environmentally conscious businesses regularly allocate a proportion of their corporate foundation corpus or corporate social responsibility budget to provide grants to specific causes or organisations. These may be nominated charity partners, community groups or individuals applying for grants with a focus area or specific selection criteria. Good2Give can manage these programs.

Program development

Good2Give’s team works in partnership with CSR and corporate foundation managers to identify objectives and impact goals of grants and scholarship programs. We provide end-to-end advice on frameworks, timing, engagement and selection criteria to ensure a high-quality outcome for the business or foundation, the community or individual recipients.

Bespoke technology solutions

Good2Give works with clients to build a customised, brand-specific technology solution that will manage high-volume applications, reporting – including completion and acquittal reports, automated trigger communications with customisable templates and messages, and a robust audit trail of grants selection processes and funds distribution.

Evaluation and assessment

In accordance with our clients’ philanthropic objectives, Good2Give identifies and establishes the evaluation criteria and assessment process for all grants rounds to ensure an objective, transparent, robust, quantifiable and qualitative process. We can recruit, brief and manage assessment committees and oversee the judging and selection process, and oversee communications at all stages.

Validation and funds distribution

Good2Give provides efficient and secure delivery of grant funding to recipients. Our due diligence process means we conduct probity checks and validate taxation information, contact and banking information to ensure we act within prescribed codes of conduct for anti-money laundering and anti-fraud legislation. We have the capacity to validate funding for thousands of grant recipients.

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