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Insights into successful Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs

The last 18 months have held many challenges, both personally and professionally. One of the biggest challenges we’ve seen has been around creating and maintaining connections with our family and friends – and of course, connections with our work colleagues. At Good2Give, one of the issues that remains top-of-mind is ensuring we make it easy for companies, and their people, to connect and make a difference in the communities they serve.

Good2Give is dedicated to helping you find the best way to achieve your CSR goals by delivering practical solutions that make it easy to grow charitable giving within your organisation. We’ve brought together experts from the Good2Give team, who collectively have nearly 60 years of experience across our products and services to share their top tips with you no matter which tactical elements you choose to employ.

Establishing successful and long-lasting community partnerships

There’s a lot to consider when establishing a community partnerships program. Depending on why your company is looking to establish a community partnership and the outcomes and impacts you wish to achieve, Good2Give can provide advice on the best approach to support you through the entire process or look at the components you might need to enhance a program you already have in place.

If you’re an existing Good2Give client, there are many ways to grow giving within pre-existing programs, or establish new ways to give. Reach out to your dedicated Client Relations Manager for a strategic look at different technology options you have available to maximise engagement with your staff and contractors, and enable reporting on your broader engagement.

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Maximise giving options within the Good2Give platform

There are so many different ways that people create positive impact in their communities, and when their activities are supported by an employer, they become part of a workplace giving program. When a business can provide and support a wide range of those activities, not just traditional payroll giving, it fosters inclusivity. Expanding your workplace giving program to include various forms of giving is a great way to encourage giving and increase employee engagement.

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Benefits of establishing a grants program

Grants programs can be one of the key components of any corporate community investment programs for business wanting to make a difference in the communities they serve. Grants programs provide the ideal opportunity to align corporate values with CSR objectives and the causes and issues that are important to stakeholders. For communities, grants inject much needed financial investment than can be a game changer for a specific cause or social issue. Managing programs that are funded by grants also gives charities and community groups the opportunity to report on specific outcomes and impacts which demonstrate their value to business partners and supporters.

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Diversify your CSR program with share giving

In essence, there are two parts to share giving – the retail side which allows shareholders to donate a parcel of shares, or proceeds arising from those shares, to charities either as an individual or by participating in a company sponsored program. ShareGift Australia absorbs the shareholders’ responsibility and technical complexities of selling an asset, aggregates funds from thousands of transactions every year, and distributes funds to charities. Participating in share giving maximises the impact of a donor’s contribution to charities and communities in need.

The other side to share giving is where ShareGift Australia can embed a philanthropic giving mechanism into corporate actions. For example, when going through a merger or acquisition process that involves a share buy-back scheme, there’s significant administrative cost when dealing with lots of smaller shareholders. ShareGift Australia offers your shareholders an effective way to release their share parcels by donating them to charity, and makes your buy-back process much more effective and efficient. Additionally, there’s potential for competitive advantage in the market. ShareGift Australia is a unique offering – the only one of its in Australia. By adding share giving to your CSR program, you are demonstrating your commitment to community investment in a broad and inclusive way.

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