Why governance is the key to data and information security

With a range of corporates, charities, philanthropists, and donors together across a 4-hour live event, we curated content which put the power of giving on a local and global stage in the spotlight. Pairing expert insights with inspiration, the Worldwide Symposium on Philanthropy provided a unique perspective on the power of giving, connecting charities and corporates in the spirit of collaboration.

Jared Ortlipp and Dan Ussher cover key moments which exemplify governance, regulatory differences, and international giving. Exploring why it’s vital for corporates to partner with organisations that take information security seriously, they discuss the need for strong governance. It plays a vital role in providing appropriate oversight to a not-for-profit when distributing significant funds to charities.


Jared Ortlipp Chief Technology Officer Good2Give
Dan Ussher Founder & Managing Director FirmGuard


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At the Worldwide Symposium on Philanthropy, we heard from a diverse range of panelists and international speakers on the power of giving and saw a consistent theme become clear throughout the day; the central premises of connection, transparency, and alignment of goals. Our speakers and panelists shared some truly inspirational insights, as well as practical applications and advice – click here to return to our corporate giving insights from the from the Symposium.