Trillion Trees (MOTTWA)

Trillion Trees (MOTTWA)

Cause Area: Environment

Country: Australia


Mission Statement

To bring people together to grow and plant trees, and to achieve healthy and biodiverse environment


Trillion Trees (formerly Men of the Trees) is a Western Australian not-for-profit, Incorporated Association founded in 1979. Since that time, it has planted more than 15 million native trees and understorey to restore degraded land and support biodiversity.

A world audit of trees, led by Crowther of Yale university, shows there are three trillion trees left in the world.
This is half of what there used to be and numbers are still declining. Trees are essential to life as we know it.

If each of the 7.5+ billion people on this planet plant 140 trees we will have 1 trillion more trees in the world.
It averages $5 per tree planted. This includes finding the land, growing strong seedling, preparing the ground for planting, organising the resources for planting and aftercare.

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