Harper Bernays Charitable Trust

Harper Bernays Charitable Trust

Cause Area: Corporate Foundations

Country: Australia

Website: www.harperbernays.com.au/public-charitable-trust/

Mission Statement

We’re committed to making a difference through philanthropy and have established the Harper Bernays Public Charitable Trust to provide a convenient, flexible way to give.


A Harper Bernays Charitable Trust account can be established with as little as $50,000, and subsequent donations can be of any size and from any source. After determining your giving strategy youre able to choose your level of involvement with charities and/or projects.We can assist you in selecting projects if you wish, and have access to selected experts in key areas (such as medicine and the environment) who can provide options and advice. As part of our service, we provide comprehensive operational and administrative support to ensure you can focus on the most important aspect your giving strategy.
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