Educating The Future Australia Limited

Educating The Future Australia Limited

Cause Area: Overseas Aid and Development

Country: Australia


Mission Statement

Educating The Future (ETF) Australia’s mission is to empower members of impoverished communities to achieve an improved quality of life and capacity to realise their potential.


Educating The Future vision is a world in which all children have the opportunity to access quality education in order to realise their true potential. To achieve this, we build pre-schools in rural areas of Timor-Leste impacted by poverty. A donation of $53 educates one child per year and $105 for the lifetime of their pre-school education. This is crucial as only 2 of 10 currently access early childhood education, one of the most crucial first steps for an individuals life. For $30,000 you can build a pre-school that educates over 300 children in 10 years!Take action today by donating once-off, monthly or committing to building a classroom by yourself or with a group, community or organisation.
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