EDHI International Australia Foundation (EDHI)

EDHI International Australia Foundation (EDHI)

Cause Area: Overseas Aid and Development

Country: Australia

Website: www.edhi.org.au/

Mission Statement

The vision of Edhi International Foundation Australia is to carry the mission of Edhi Foundation in providing welfare mostly in Pakistan and around the globe as well when needed.


Edhi Intl. Foundation Australia will achieve its mission by making a difference to the plight of disadvantaged segment of Pakistan through fundraising in Australia to support the exemplary work of the Edhi Foundation. While our primary focus is to provide assistance in Pakistan, we follow Edhis philosophy of contributing to humanitarian crises all over the world in exceptional circumstances, recognising our wider social responsibilities in the global community as well as our own backyard as Australians. Edhi Pakistan is the largest social welfare organization. It works without any discrimination on the basis of colour, race, language, religion or politics. The Foundations activities includes service across the country through 335 Edhi Centres with the fleet of 1800 Ambulances which provide free burial of unclaimed dead bodies, shelter for the destitute, orphans and handicapped persons, free hospitals, rehabilitation of drug addicts, free wheel chairs, crutches and other services.
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